Saturday, January 2, 2016


So I'm an angry feminist. Real damn angry. And everyone always goes "Hey Blue, what you so angry all the time?" The answer is a long and a short one.

Short: Because sexism is everywhere and every time someone participates in it, they're abusing me via oppression. That pisses me off.

Long: Because injustice is everywhere. Sexism. Racism. Classism. Ableism. Transphobia. Homophobia. Queer hating. Privilege, privilege, privilege. Everywhere. And each time I see it, experience it, or fuck up being a good ally and person, I die a little inside. So many small deaths equal a whole lot of heart ache. Tears, puffy eyes, and sometimes rage.

My solution? I will show you why I am so angry. I will take all of my daily experiences with sexism and rape culture and all those shenanigans (specifically sexism) and write it down.

Your Daily Sexism. Like a news paper full of shit.

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