Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 2: Old Maid

A friend and I discuss the death of Beverly Katz in Hannibal. As well as how the other women in the show are treated.

Resident Evil 6 has three main story lines to choose from:
Leon, Chris, Jake
It has three sidekicks to each main hero:
Helena, Pierce, Sherri
Leon and Chris are long-standing characters from Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 respectively. Helena, Pierce, and Jake are new characters. Sherri is from Resident Evil 2 (the little girl you save). She is not the main protagonist of her mission selection. Jake is. Jake is the son of long-time villain (First appearance in Resident Evil) and crazy dude Wesker. The default character for each mission is in the first list. Your default character is never female. The game makes multiple jabs and jokes at and about women.

A friend talks about her evening with her partner's friends. She expresses dislike towards another woman at the gathering. She lists valid reasons for her dislike. And then mentions she hated the woman's eyebrows and discusses how she focuses on physical features of someone she doesn't like.

Resident Evil 6 continues with the second scene in Jake and Sherri's adventure including Jake shaking his head and saying "Women" sarcastically.

Talking to my mom she mentions a conversation she's had with my aunt. She tells my aunt she enjoys Bones again, after the show got a little crappy for awhile. My aunt says she doesn't like it anymore because the lead actress Emily Deschanel has put on too much weight. My mother replies that she had two babies back to back and that her weight doesn't impact her acting. My aunt remains confident it makes the show less enjoyable.

A friend checks in asking me to validate that her sexual assault was not her fault.

Drawing of Wonder Woman and the Justice League where Wonder Woman says "If I don't get pants, no one gets pants." You can just imagine what the rest of the Justice League look like sans pants.

A woman writes about growing up fat and Asian and how cultural stereotypes on thin Asian women and the beauty standard deeply impact her sense of worth.

A guy in the parking lot has a huge ass truck. We are in line in the car to get out. He keeps edging forward even though we are not giving him space. He moves forward until he almost hits our car. I take a picture of his truck and license plate in case he hits us and to post it on Facebook because he thinks he deserves space. He starts jabbing his finger towards our car. I cannot hear what he says or what he's thinking. He follows as close as he can get to our car without scratching his paint.

Me: This makes me wanna watch women's hockey (we're at a local male hockey game).
Friend: Yeah. It's more skill and less physical because women's hockey doesn't allow bodychecking. So they don't have the fighting and crap.
Me: What?
Follow Up: Several comments on how sports are never the same for women. One saying soccer is the same but they face bullshit sexism from Sepp Blatter. Another article on how MLB consistently strike out against the top female softball pitchers. And one guy who says that he wasn't allowed to play field hockey (but assures us he agrees with my point, was just sharing his experience). 

An article on being a woman of colour and dealing with the absurd beauty standards created by white culture and the patriarchy.

T-shirt that reads: "Bitches be trippin'. Okay, maybe I pushed one."

An article (satirical) on Reductress states that Aaron Sorkin writes women poorly because they talk to slow for clever lines. I believe the article because of his writing of women in both The West Wing and Newsroom. Stupid me.

At a restaurant, I headed to the bathroom. Both males who were headed in the opposite direction refused to move out of my way. The white one even grimaced he had to move around me.

"Wow, you're like, date rape pretty." Dating website gold on Instagram.

My mother speaks on how she's sad her title is Miss. When asked why, she states that being her age and a Miss, not a Mrs, denotes her an Old Maid.

Airline in China forces women to participate in bikini competition to become airline attendants.

Texas GOP lawmaker says that "rape is nonexistent in marriage."

Cards Against Humanity post about the 51 most offensive things the cards expect and allow you make light of.

Footage of Cosby making jokes about date rape drugs. "Hello, America."

Mark Salling was previously sued for sexual battery. Hollywood continues to ignore problems.

It's suggested I do not watch the new Sherlock episode, because while it intends to be sensitive to women while not achieving it at all.

A fellow feminist is told to "stop playing the victim" on their facebook wall in regards to sexism.

A beloved mentor voices a concern that my Facebook is too negative and too angry with all the Feminist stuff I post. I should post more happy stuff to make sure I'm not angry all the time.

A friend posts a caption of a cocktail with the caption "Virgin, I swear." Commenter replies: "That's what they all say."

Fate of the Norns RPG has a wenching skill. It's called Drinking/Wenching. Gambling is included, with rules for this. One word correlates to the wenching: Seduction.

Looking at the Toronto Star sports highlights while on the mobile site. Not a single woman to be found.

George R.R. Martin's new book won't be released on time. Fans are sad.

An article on the actress who plays River Song in Doctor Who. It includes her costume designer. It's an article on how to look like the ultimate sweetie.

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