Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 13: No one would ever rape someone as ugly as you

A friend posts about the black and white nature of statutory rape and the continued outpouring of rape apologists.

Sitting on the streetcar a man makes kissy noises at me after I sat down in front of him. When I ignore him he tugs on my hood to get my attention.

A drawing of a sphinx. She's naked. Her breasts are pushed out.

Most of the time when I wear headphones I don't have music or anything playing. It's so I can ignore when random guys talk to me.

A friend told her brother that she was a feminist. His response: "You're not a feminist, you're just uptight."

Eva Longoria talks about her experiences acting on soap operas. Namely, that if a male coworker screwed up his line, she was blamed. "The men could do no wrong."

"And I looked into the windows of her soul and said bitch."

A transgender woman was arrested after checking into a hotel because the staff assumed she was a sex worker.

A man steps into stop a woman from being sexually harassed.

"You may have seen it dozens of times. A man is intimidating or sexually harrassing a woman on the street or metro. But how many times have you stepped in to intervene?" A quote from the article about a man helping a woman who was being sexually harassed.

"What would you spend the money on if you won powerball?"
"Cocaine and hookers." 

White text on a black background "Sexual harassment is never okay."

"I wish I’d known then the things I’ve tried to teach my daughter. I wish I had known how much freedom was available to me to draw clear lines in the sand. I wish I had grown up with stronger nos and stronger yeses in my mouth. I wish I had learned the things I learned in easier ways." A woman talks on an article about rape.

Yellow background with a Nintendo controller in the middle. The text reads: "Dear girls: if a guy wants you to learn to play a game it means you are the most important person in his life and he also needs a healer."

Photo of a naked woman laying on a branch of a tree. Her arms and legs are hanging down. The text reads: "national geographic photo of a cougar asleep in a tree." 

Hillary Clinton sits at a table with children. A speech bubble is over one of the children. "So if you become president will it bother you knowing Bill got a blow job sitting in the same chair you're sitting in?"

Cartoon drawing of a pitbull. Text: "girls forever saying "men are all dogs" but they fail to realize dogs are loyal as fuck if you treat them right."

A communications firm that works with biotechnology companies is promoting gender diversity by hiring female models to come to its staff parties.

Stick woman with blonde hair. Text reads: "This is Emily. Emily has big boobs. Emily does not post selfies revealing her cleavage. Emily is smart. Be like Emily."

Sussex, Norfolk, and Germany all publicly engage in victim blaming by telling women how not to be raped, via changing their behaviours.

From an article on victim blaming: "The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, for example, released an advertising campaign blaming women for their own alcohol-related rapes. Hungary took its rape myth messaging a step further by releasing an “informational” video telling women that when they flirt with young men they are “elicit[ing] violence.” And it feels like a week can’t go by without another judge foisting the fault of sexual assault onto the victim—even if she’s just a 14-year-old girl."

Bill Cosby finally being arrested after more than 50 women accused him of sexually assaulting them

Employees at Al Jazeera America talk about the rampant sexism in the company and the harsh scrutiny and bullying women faced there.

In an article discussing the upcoming twins of Antonio and Terricka Cromartie a commenter talks about the short comings of Antonio and hen calls Terricka "special" for having ever married him.

On the radio a woman calls in to give her opinion. She mentions her age. The male host interrupts her to say she doesn't sound her age. She stops, giggles.

A Mt Sinai Doctor is accused of ejaculating on a female patient's face after fondling her.

"Men, if you can't control your woman then you've found a good one."

An article talking about beloved movies that don't pass the Bechdel test. Including Avengers, Star Wars: A New Hope, Avatar, The Princess Bride, and Forest Gump.

Things you can learn about gentlemen (and somehow that means all men) from Pride & Prejudice: Gentlemen need a second chance.

A poster for Van Damme's Timecop movie. Van Damme who beat his wife.

4 women make history as they make up 50% of a NASA graduating class, and may be chosen for the Mars mission 15 years away.

A 15 year old girl is sentenced to prison after she and another woman robbed men who answered an ad to have sex with a teen. Her father also said she would be selling herself when she got out of prison.

An article on daily sexual harassment: "During Christmas time, someone offered to allow me to cut the line while I was getting on the bus (despite my boarding pass being #25) to travel back home for the holiday. I was also able to merely exist, and subsequently sexualized and ogled by the bus driver, enough for him to load my extra bag in the undercarriage for free. Later, I was given double portions and a free meal because the cashier thought I was pretty. Further into my weekend, a bouncer at a club gave me a pass for not having my ID on me because he wanted my number.These scenarios speak to how catcalling is often deemed as "favors" predicated on the sexualization and beauty positioning that these men and masculine folks codify upon our bodies. I speak to beauty positioning because I believe that there is a hierarchy created out of the misogyny and violence of oppressive beauty standards (re: presentation and performance) that deems some of us worthy of these "favors.” In fact, we are just being forced to fit into someone else’s dangerously limited idea of sexualized attraction (RE: our proximities to whiteness, thinness, ability, height, and other features and presentations deemed socially acceptable). I would never acknowledge receiving these "favors" as a privilege because they are purely based in sexualization and fetishization.These “favors” are a vestige of rape culture, and there must be a need to challenge how rape culture manifests within our everyday navigation."

"Years ago, at a house party, I was punched in the face by a guy who felt like I talked too much shit and, thus, deserved to be put in my place. When he hit me, more men laughed with him than those who came to my rescue."
"When I was sexually assaulted, all I could think about was how one of my classmates said, 'No one would ever rape someone as ugly as you.'"
An article detailing things girls have think about when traveling, like periods, and sexism in different cultures, and being friendly, and shaving.

A woman talks about experiencing horrible sexual pain due to a medical condition. She states that at first her partner was supportive and later that deteriorated. "On our two-year anniversary he gave me a back massage, and I actually fell asleep," she says. "I woke up hours later, and he was racing around the hotel we were staying in, absolutely livid. He yelled at me for 45 minutes; I don't remember what he said. I had sex with him to calm him down—it was horribly painful. He felt better afterwards."
Part of the problem of treating vulvodynia is that many doctors misdiagnose or simply don't believe women when they complain of excruciating pain. Schimmel believes that women's sexual health reform can only happen once the medical community becomes more aware of the kind of pain women are enduring.
"Women have to start lobbying and getting these conditions into the medical curriculum," she says.Most doctors are not conformable with dealing with sexual pain."It's amazing how easily we get disregarded," she continues. "Our pain doesn't get taken too seriously. We're coming in because we're in so much pain, and we leave with just bags of ice. There's a complete disconnect."
Marvel characters as dogs. All of them are male characters.

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