Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 20: You Dumb Cunt

A post on how boys are taught to be violent towards women from boyhood. At a young age boys tease and physically tease girls but it's said that they like them. Boys knock girls down or pin them down at a slightly older age. It's that boys like girls. When they're adults, a man grabs a woman, it's wrong. When were they supposed to learn this?

Teach your daughters the 7 B's. Books Before Boys, Because Boys Bring Babies.

Sarah Palin blames Obama for her son's arrest of domestic abuse. 

If it's so normal and well intended, why don't men tell other men to smile?

A woman talks about how a man told her to smile at a gas station. Someone tells her: "Seriously, it's not a damn crisis. Smile or not, who the hell cares...? The cashier probably was just being nice and trying to cheer you up or lighten your mood. There's no need to be rude."

Parenthood should be a gift, not a punishment. - On not allowing abortions to women who want them.

A boy talks about his parents divorcing. His father made 8 figures, his mother made 26k a year. "I come from both backgrounds. Father has an 8-figure income, compared to my mother working on 26k a year. They divorced, and my mother got custody.
Most of my childhood was spent living on a crazy budget. I was a simple, white, video game playing nerd growing up. At my mothers, she could only afford one game and system for me (around 6 years old). Thankfully, that was enough to keep me occupied for a few years. "

Another stick girl figure, this one named Emily. This one talks about how Emily has a boyfriend but doesn't fill up facebook with posts about how much she loves him. We should all be like Emily.

A female artist talks about one of her projects, which included lots of selfies. "Some gallery I was showing with freaked out and was like, ‘You have to stop doing this, because people don’t take you seriously anymore.’ Suddenly I was this dumb b---- because I was showing my ass in pictures."

Female artists talks about how she paid for school. Towards the end of her time in the city, she tells me, she earned money as a “sugar baby” – an escort. “I’d rather not talk about it,” she says. “It’s too dark. It was out of necessity: I wasn’t playing around. But being an escort is how most of my female peers are paying for their student fees. It’s very common during these s----- times of recession.”

Not so, says Ulman, who had something more specific in her sights. “It’s more than a satire,” she explains. “I wanted to prove that femininity is a construction, and not something biological or inherent to any woman. Women understood the performance much faster than men. They were like, ‘We get it – and it’s very funny.’ ” What was the joke? “The joke was admitting how much work goes into being a woman and how being a woman is not a natural thing. It’s something you learn.”

It's a Zaboca, not a breast. Please don't squeeze. 
A sign above zabocas.

A player in a TAG game says he doesn't miss his in character wife because she was an ugly whore.

Terri Conley, a professor of psychology says "The reason women are turning you down for casual sex seems to be that, for one thing, a lot of you are calling them sluts afterward. Also, a lot of you aren't bothering to try to be good in bed."

T-shirt reads: "yes, I do have a beautiful daughter. I also have a gun, a shovel & an alibi."

The friend zone

Image of a vintage actress smiling. Text says "I think the most important thing a woman can have (next to talent, of course) is her hairdresser."

a female commenter typed "how is this [feminism] cancer" the man reply'd "women can show their boobs and make a living ,i can't show my dick and do the same"

please stop using the word "feminist" to cover up your hatred for men. we get it, you feel entitled. maybe instead of bitching about your nonexistent "sexism" problems, you can move to the middle east. Then maybe you can talk about real female oppression.

Have you ever heard of a fucking metaphor you dumb cunt? Hahaha i said the word cunt. now lets see if you can get over your feelings like a big girl and answer my question.

Haha look at all you feminazis that still don't realize you've already gotten your rights. Now it's all about Women are better at everything than men.

Feminism is a cancer.

I need feminism because it gets me laid.

Man writes women out of science! "What Lander failed to recognize in his article—and what many of his colleagues and commenters on the piece have recently condemned him for—is that his institute is currently involved in a billion-dollar patent dispute with the University of California’s Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier of the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research in Germany, which played a vital role in developing CRISPR-Cas9. Not only did the Cell paper fail to disclose the potential conflict of interest, it significantly minimized the role of Doudna’s lab in advancing the technology."

Keep on bitching ladies.

I'm sure I'll be hated for this but hey if they can say stupid stuff I can make jokes. "Get back in the kitchen and make me a damn sandwich". Lol even my female friends would probably say something like that and they are educated teachers.

A private talk among friends became public later that night, on Monday, when Coffman posted a series of tweets accusing music publicist Heathcliff Berru of inappropriate sexual conduct. On Tuesday, Life or Death PR President Nick Dierl announced that Berru had resigned as CEO. On Wednesday morning, after a swift and thorough outpouring of harassment claims from women on Twitter, Berru issued a statement about his resignation from the company he helped found

Coffman recounted an incident two years ago in which the publicist, according to her tweet, “RUBBED my ass and BIT my hair at a bar.” Coffman also shared on Twitter that she was angry with herself for not punching him in the moment. She claimed, via tweets, that she’d heard similar stories from other women in the music business about the publicist, and, finally, she shared his name.

Palin said her son suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and that Obama had made his situation worse by allegedly disrespecting veterans.

Tabloids with women on the covers. Covers all talk about pregnancy, wedding, or divorce.

In Fallout 4, all the barbarian covers (whatever I'm collecting) are very 50's and have sexy ladies in bad poses on them. So tired of this shit.

In Fallout 4, I go to buy armor. Dude says "Don't just pick the pretty stuff, it won't protect you." Fuck you, armor dude.

A friend posts: "Black Desert, I love how you make the character's breasts bounce (in a very pronounced way) as they shift from one pose to the next. Just like real breasts do. Not."

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