Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 15: All Bitches Owe Him

A woman writes about how she refuses to feel shame for her body, despite what most beauty standards and other people tell her. 

 NH State official complains that being politically correct will ruin his jokes and speeches.

A reminder you can't be sexist towards men as sexism implies systemic oppression.

Apples mostly white board says a call for diversity is unduly burdensome and troublesome.

There's a new federal law forcing doctors of women seeking abortions to share the ultrasounds with state officials in North Carolina.

Ladies Night dates back to 1914 because bars needed more female clientele so they made special pink menus.

A joke about a man talking about his wife when he first met her, how he had a shitty house and a crap tv and a crap bed on the floor but a hot 23 year old wife. Now he has a great house, a great car, a great tv, and a great bed but an old not-hot wife. He complains to his wife saying she should do more work in this relationship. She says he can go find another 23 year old and he'll be back to a shitty house.

JK Rowling goes by that because it was feared a woman's name wouldn't sell books for boys.

The typical responses of saying "I don't want kids" as a woman. "I don’t want kids. When I tell people that, I get one of three responses: I am either told I will change my mind, that I am selfish and it is somehow my duty to procreate, or that it’s awesome that I know what I want and good for me for not conforming to pressure."

A study on who makes sexist films. Turns out, it's men. "When writing teams are entirely male, about 50% of films fail the Bechdel test. Add a woman to the mix and only a third of films fail. The seven films written entirely by women all pass the Bechdel test. Uncanny, right?"

"Hey babe, how you doin'?"
"I took an arrow to the knee."

Tweet saying: "All women everywhere should start responding to guys hitting on us with generic RPG NPC lines like 'I hear the king has a new advisor.'"

Walking down the street a guy starts telling my friend he likes her hat. We are all full grown women in the group. He finishes his comments with "Have a great night, girls!"

Nicki Minaj weighs in Planned Parenthood and her own abortion when she couldn't have a baby.

*Bully pushes you*
*You push bully back*
Bully: WTF you piece of shit, that's reverse bullying.
everyone around you: yeah you can't fight hate with hate why can't we all be nice to each other.

Video of women reciting what's been said to them about their bodies. "Put the ladies away!

A list of the top 10 best wife names.

An image of a 50's style drawn woman. The text reads: "You call it nagging I call it listen to what I fucking said the first time."

A video of ads that use boobs to sell everything from hamburgers to cars to video games but that images of public breastfeeding are upsetting.

A friend loses weight because of physical and mental illness. Men and women comment on her body repeatedly.

Steven Avery's ex talks about him outside of the Netflix series. "Yeah," Stachowski told Lance during the interview, as reported by the Daily Beast. "Hurting people. He told me once, excuse my language, 'all bitches owe him' because of the one that sent him to prison the first time. We all owed him."

A great game designer discusses the use of "hey guys" as the usual opener for emails. He's changed it to "hey folks".

A book talks about how a man thinks his wife is acting like an old lady because she enjoys knitting.

"Doctor, why do you prefer [medication] to [similar medication]?"
"Because the sales rep for the first one was much prettier, back when it first came out!"

Coworkers and I discuss sexism amongst women, where slut shaming is a normal thing we do.

A man calls rape jokes "dark humour"

A woman's told to cover up during breastfeeding. She puts a blanket over her face.

A man commenting on Fiorina's comment says the last time she was this nasty a house fell on her sister.

Carly Fiorina takes a cheap shot at Hillary saying "unlike other women in this campaign, I enjoy spending time with my husband."

An article on why black girls in Bowmanville matter. "The black teenage girl at the center of the rape story out of the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, N.Y., deserves more than our complicity in creating the type of women-denigrating culture that made her violation possible in the first place."

White background and black text: "On one hand feminism does help men but on the other hand I want men to finally get it through their heads that a social movement doesn't have to be aimed at benefiting them to be worthwhile"

White male number three on the sexism in gaming post also said that men get it just as bad because other men call them gay even when they're not.

A continuation of white male privilege in gaming. This morning I was told if ignore sexism in gaming it'll go away.

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