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White background. Black text: "we've taught girls to romanticize nearly everything a boy does. when i was younger i thought it was cute that boys chased the girl even after she said no. i loved it when after a girl moved away from a kiss, the guy would pull her back and force it on her. i thought a guy saying 'i won't take no for an answer' was passionate and romantic. we're literally always teaching girls to romanticize abusive traits."

Man turns conversation about women and how their sexuality is treated in a stunning video called Hi, I'm a slut! into a conversation about ... foreskin.

"In a Canadian first, a judge has likened the posting of an intimate video over the Internet to a sexual assault, and ordered an Ontario man to pay $100,000, plus $41,708 in court costs and interest, to his former girlfriend."

Image in sepia tone of a couple together. The text reads: "Never beg a man for things you deserve. The right man will give you everything you deserve and things you never knew about."

Male "ally" tells Feminists to stop picking on men.

White background. Black text:
"Prude - a woman who won't fuck you.
Dyke - a woman who won't fuck you because you have a penis.
Slut - a woman who fucks other people and not you.
Tease - a woman who won't fuck you even though she smiled at you.
Feminist - a woman who won't fuck you because she has like thoughts and stuff
Bitch - a woman who treats you the same as you treat women"

"Hannah Atman is a young photography student. She recently unveiled a series titled “And Everything Nice” where glitter replaces blood and tears on women bodies. Far from being just a creepy phantasm, this process is supposed to denounce beauty standards women are subjected to in our society. The tears and blood symbolise the pressure exerted on women who are supposed to seem always pretty and attractive no matter what."

“When I was in college, a teacher once said that all women live by a ‘rape schedule.’ I was baffled by the term, but as she went on to explain, I got really freaked out. Because I realized that I knew exactly what she was talking about. And you do too. Because of their constant fear of rape (conscious or not), women do things throughout the day to protect themselves. Whether it’s carrying our keys in our hands as we walk home, locking our car doors as soon as we get in, or not walking down certain streets, we take precautions. While taking precautions is certainly not a bad idea, the fact that certain things women do are so ingrained into our daily routines is truly disturbing. It’s essentially like living in a prison – all the time. We can’t assume that we’re safe anywhere: not on the streets, not in our homes. And we’re so used to feeling unsafe that we don’t even see that there’s something seriously fucked up about it.” Jessica Valenti's Full Front Feminism

"all alone this Valentine's day"
"maybe if you'd lose some fucking weight guys would stop mistaking you for a pig." 
"jfc i am so fucking sick of all u desperate hoes on fb"

"All alone on valentine's day"
"Screw them bitches they don noe what theyre missing out on"
"lol just go to a bar and pick up some desperate chicks and bang em."

Sylvia Plath wrote: "Being born a woman is an awful tragedy. Yes, my consuming desire to mingle with road crews, sailors and soldiers, bar room regulars--to be part of the scene, anonymous, listening, recording--all is spoiled by the fact that I am a girl, a female always in danger of assault and battery. My consuming interest in men and their lives is often misconstrued as a desire to seduce them, or as an invitation to intimacy. Yet, God, I want to talk to everybody I can as deeply as I can. I want to be able to sleep in an open field, to travel west, to walk freely at night."

“Yes I was dangerously thin, but no one assumed I had an eating disorder. Yes my hair fell out in clumps. I ate less than 600 calories and exercised for over 2 hours every day. I had constant panic attacks and anxiety and I had absolutely zero social life. I would black out on exercise equipment. I didn’t have a period (despite being on regular birth control). My body was shutting down and yet, because I was thin, people applauded my determination. My exercise ethic. My ‘clean eating’. They would tell me they envied my figure, and asked for workout tips, but they had no idea what I was doing to myself. Because skinny is ‘in’, that’s all I wanted to be."

"The likes of Meghan Trainor and her ‘skinny bitches’ lyric and Nicki Minaj who exclaims that we should ‘fuck the skinny bitches’ further encourages skinny shaming . But where many see gym culture and clean eating as something to be applauded, and thinspiration & fitspiration hashtags in abundance on social media, there is a dark side to being smaller that is yet to be taken seriously in society. For if you are thin, you must be happy, right? Well, this isn’t always the case."

A dear friend posted: "Did a global post about rape, with implying my status as a survivor, and implicitly naming my assailant (by a psuedonym, because she doesn't deserve her name), and the person who victim blamed me (who I did not name).
I'm tired of silence, even though at the same time I feel I'm very vocal about it."

At 18 when I first had sex with a man, I identified as a virgin even though I had had sex with women. We had dated a few months. I told him to have sex with me with penetration. Not because I was interested or eager, but because I was ashamed of being a virgin at my age, and bored of it, quite frankly.

"I ask for so little. Just let me rule you and you can have everything that you want. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave." The motto of the abuser.

"If you have traveled since September 11th, 2001 you understand that airport security is rather intense. TSA agents have come under quite a bit of scrutiny over the years for their invasive, exploratory methods of searching civilians prior to boarding a plane.

In the video below, you will witness TSA agents that were caught on tape crossing the line. In one instance a woman has her breasts rubbed as well as her vagina. The agent doesn't seem to find anything wrong with these actions, but it is clear, something isn't right."

Pink background, white text. 
"Find the man who will tell your parents, I want the hand of your daughter, who will tell his friends, I've found the woman of my dreams and who will tell her mother, mom, I'd like to introduce you to your daughter-in-law"

Deadwood: the origin of MRAs

Good female friend of mine: "I've given up on Twitter. I'm declaring that territory claimed by the trolls."

Friend: "what's the feminist equivalent of Herculean?"
Me: "I would say Hippolyta but she gets kidnapped and falls in love with one of the big heroes."

The Hills by the Weekend

"Brierley Newton says when she first took screenshots of Alchin's threats to the cops, they didn't take her seriously. Officers tried to tell her the case would be too hard to prosecute, not least because they'd have to find a way to prove that Alchin was actually the person on the computer making the threats. She left, enraged, only to get home and find her post had been liked over 500 times. "

"You know the best thing about a feminist they don't get any action so when you rape them it feels 100 times tighter."

"Your all fucking basic sluts who clearly couldn't get pipe even from their Plummer. So shut the fuck up and take a load to the face cause your all a fucking disgrace."

"if anything you've proven the only thing good a woman's mouth is useful for is to get face fucked till she turns blue then have a man hot load shot straight down it"

"it's people like you who make it clear women should never have been given rights."

"Hold up lovelies lets just take a recap here so some skuppa writes something slutty on tinder the blows up because she gets shamed about it? Please you cunts deserve to be taken back to the 50's were you will learn to know your role and shut your damn mouth."

It came as a surprise when 25-year-old Zane Alchin stood recently in a Sydney court and pled not guilty. Alchin was widely expected to plead out. He stood accused of threatening to rape Paloma Brierley Newton on Facebook and there were screenshots of the comments. Turns out though, it's very hard to send your online troll to jail."

"stay classy, ladies."

"Type of girl who will suck you dry then eat some lunch with you."

"Sexy sells is not a new mantra but is definitely effective. Comic books are spreading out to a much wider audience, but the female characters took a little time to catch up with their male counterparts."

"If women can do everything men can, how come they've never successfully oppressed another gender?"

"It's pathetic how women get special treatment and guys don't."

"With the recent release of the highly anticipated Spider-Gwen #1, it seems a new trend is gaining steam in the comic book world: modesty. This recent movement has more than just feminism activists buzzing. Christian comic book fans, looking to get away from the constant bombardment of scantily clad women featuring ample chests and buttocks, can now find some reprieve at their local comic book store."

"The friend zone is basically like when someone turns you down for a job then calls you every week and complains about the guy they hired."

Amber Rose tells us not to call women who make a mistake or two a ho, they're just human.

"A nurse assumed every health problem related to being part of the sex trade — including my sexual assault, which in reality had no connection. She failed to consider how part of my mental health issues were related to events from my adolescence, like my suicide attempts, car crash, and abusive relationship. This nurse put together a false narrative, which made me simultaneously angry, frustrated, and hopeless."

"And when Indigenous girls like me grow up, the poverty and violence we face is staggering. These experiences contribute to the growing number of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit folks (i.e., Native people who have both feminine and masculine spirits)."

"Cincinnati women carrying fetuses with fatal anomalies must rely on Planned Parenthood or hospitals out of the city for their abortion care now that Christ Hospital, the last hospital in the city to provide these case-specific procedures, has changed its policy."

" “I was seeing all of my feminist friends leaving the internet because they were being harassed. They’re ending their work because it’s not safe for them to be online anymore.” After years of high-profile examples of harassment, in the last few years, social media sites started changing their design to give people more tools to deter abuse, like Twitter’s block and mute functions, and Facebook’s recent system allowing users to better report abuse. But Heartmob is different than that. It’s a “community coming together to end violence,” says Mays."

"Social media is our town square of today: It’s where we share opinions, news, and ideas. But rampant harassment and intimidation keeps many women from participating fully in those conversations. A 2014 study showed that although 40 percent of internet users face online harassment, harassment is particularly severe for young women: One in four young women have been stalked online."

"“Women can be passive-aggressive bitches. They can’t express their anger at society for making them into the weaker sex so they envy men and take their revenge on them. I think Freud called it penis envy.”"

"A guy who visited Iceland once before is coming back to charge men 260,000 ISK for a class in how to bed “passive-aggressive bitches” who suffer from “penis envy”."

Stop saying you lost your virginity. You didn't lose anything.

"Ohio State Senate Majority Leader Tom Patton is facing Jennifer Herold in the Republican primary for the 7th House District. Patton doesn’t think Herold should even be running because she is a young mother. Doesn’t Herold know that young mothers aren’t legally allowed to work because their organs could fall out of their butts? Damn, women don’t know anything about science."

""Men are socialized to be persistent and women are socialized to be flattered by it," Lippman told The Huffington Post. "And 9 times out of 10 it’s not a problem and it’s not abuse." About 3.4 million Americans are affected by stalking every year; 78 percent of victims are women, and 87 percent of perpetrators are men. And, Lippman notes, at the outset, it can be hard to spot red flags that signal the unhealthy and dangerous behavior that may follow -- especially if you’ve been desensitized by cultural messaging that tells you persistent pursuit is romantic."

"Stalking myths are the misconceptions that underpin our conventional wisdom about the crime. They include ideas like "many alleged stalking victims are actually people who played hard to get and changed their minds afterwards," "stalking has no serious, lasting impact on the victim," and the notion that lots of stalking "could be avoided if the alleged victim would have just told his/her stalker clearly that s/he was definitely not interested in a romantic relationship."
And then, there’s the myth that is central to so many romantic comedies: "An individual who goes to the extremes of stalking must really feel passionately for his/her love interest." He stalked you because he just loves you so much. It’s romantic."

"A new study suggests rom coms perpetuate dangerous myths, and make it harder to prosecute stalkers."

"If you don't shut up we will knock you out."

"You are only seventeen. Keep your legs shut from now on."

"If you would have been a good girl and gotten an epidural I would have spared your dignity."

"Then, Abbassi cuts Turbin 12 times, and her baby is born."

"Turbin continues to protest. “No, don’t cut me!” “No! Why? Why can’t I try?”
“What do you mean, ‘Why’? I am the expert here, OK?” Abbassi says. “You can go home and do it! You go to Kentucky!”"

"In the very NSFW video Turbin, a self-described two-time sexual-assault survivor, lies on her back, naked from the waist down, her legs in stirrups. Turbin, who has apparently had an epidural, attempts to push. One her third try, the on-call physician, Abbassi, silently readies a pair of scissors and a cloth.
“I’m going to do the episiotomy now,” he says."

"A disturbing video shows a young mother pleading with her doctor not to perform a forced episiotomy—and now she’s suing for assault and battery."

"There is no question that it is highly problematic most men's magazines promote one hegemonic standard of thin, white, cisgendered beauty, and that women rarely own and run such publications."

"Playboy's decision to eliminate nudes from the magazine last week set the internet ablaze with debate."

"I don't specifically recall the first time that someone called me fat, but I certainly remember the way the word made me feel. I was in elementary school, too young to realize I could possibly reclaim the word fat or understand that I didn't have to hate it. It was an insult, and each time it was uttered my eyes would burn, my face would flush, and I'd pack my purple Jansport with the crushing weight of the F-word: I was fat, and fat was no good."

Someone's making a puzzle on kickstarter of H.H.Holme's murder castle. The place he murdered and potentially tortured women.

"We've come a long way baby. From Adam's Rib to Women's Lib."

"Until the early 20th century, women’s ability to practice law was hindered by their own limited legal status. How was a person who lacked the authority to vote supposed to take part in public policy? How could person who lost many of her legal rights upon marrying (including the right to enter into contracts) participate in the law?"

"In 1953, for example, American Airlines announced that stewardesses who turned 32 would be forced to “retire” from service, and many other airlines followed suit, firing their stewardesses when they hit the ancient ages of 32 or 35. Stewardesses were also required to fill certain height and weight conditions, and could be subject to regular weight monitoring. Furthermore, for decades, married women weren’t allowed to be stewardesses, and stewardesses who did get married were subject to immediate termination. These “marriage bars” were common in many fields, driven by assumptions that married women wouldn’t stay in the job for long (because they would soon have to quit to care for children) and that, more generally, married women simply shouldn’t be working."

"Below, I discuss the histories of five professions in the U.S. that were built on sexist policies or simply barred women altogether. To be clear, however, these are far from the only jobs that have a history of discrimination and sexism in the U.S.; in fact, one would be hard pressed to find any profession that doesn’t have gender bias somewhere in its past. "

"Many (in fact, most) professions have sexism deeply embedded in their histories, with policies and regulations that would seem ridiculous by today’s standards."

"She created over 1,000 films during her 20 year career, ran her own film studio, and was named as an inspiration for everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to Barbra Streisand, who called her “the French film pioneer who invented the director’s job” – so why is Alice Guy-Blaché so rarely given the credit she deserves as not only the first female director, but arguably the first director period?

The term BBW originated in porn (likely) to describe fat chicks fucking.

Man comments on article on Emma Watson discussing White Feminism. "Not a white feminist, but a patriarchal feminist with her demand that men be patriarchs towards women and protect them, the weak, frail, disempowered little things. Men need to prop them up, support and provide for them, because women on their own can't. Pretty much exactly what patriarchy is."

Women in Chicago were arrested for wearing one piece bathing suits, without the required leg coverings. 1922.

A vintage ad of a woman getting spanked for having stale coffee in the house.

A vintage ad of a woman as a tiger rug and a man stepping on her head. It reads "it's nice to have a girl in the house."

Mattel has added three new Barbie shapes. She is offered in "petite," "tall," and "curvy," alongside the billion dollar business that is the original doll, according to Mashable. The Fashionistas also have differing skin and hair.

A friend writes: "" Unfortunately, over the years I've known a number of women that have had to deal with getting help regarding harassment and/or domestic violence in the state of Oregon, and every one of their stories has made me shocked and appalled by OR's policies around these issues. Oregon: where a woman has to wait to be strangled before the police will do a damn thing, or where one has to pay a prohibitively expensive fine to get a restraining order if they haven't yet been assaulted. And they still may or may not be granted this order. Never mind stalkers, harassment, etc.
Disgraceful. This does not help people get out of harm's way before something dreadful occurs, nor does it remove harassment. All it does is punish the abused and put people in danger."

Three 18 year old males talk about how the language Trump uses is awesome, and not sexist, because they would all use those terms. And they're not sexist.

"The Los Angeles comedy scene has been reeling since comedian Beth Stelling, and, later, Courtney Pauroso, admitted to being sexually assaulted and raped by fellow comedian Cale Hartmann. The private “Women of UCB” Facebook page has served as a gathering point, where women in the community can organize and figure out how to move forward together."

"Halpern wrote her post after a student had claimed on Facebook that a producer had sexually harassed her; in return, she said, Halpern had offered her free classes."

A federal investigation shows a 15-year history of sexual harassment, hostility, and retaliation among employees at the Grand Canyon.

A client talks about being with a company for nine years. Men who have been on less time than her are being promoted to associate before her. Even though she's been talking about it with her managers for two years. White men (nine of them) have been promoted ahead of her.

Man: "I'm going to the bar on saturday. Meet people the old fashioned way. Give em enough drinks until they make a bad decision."
Me: "That sounds really awful."
Him: "Well.. it's not like I'm slipping them a date rape drug.

A friend posts: "Most historians, I find, are somewhat dismissive of her. Historians are (surprise surprise) a stodgy, conservative lot. So, even though the greatest British hero, Arthur, was supposedly a Romanized Briton defending his people from Anglo Saxon raiders, Cartimandua whose alliances with Rome would keep her people from bloodshed and eventually lead to the creation of that Roman-Briton culture of the "Arthurian Age" is felt to have betrayed her people. At least in the historical narrative. Historians are also squeamish about her queenship. Essentially she pushed out her husband and took his sword bearer as her consort. This shocked the Romans at the time. And apparently historians have carried this shock through to the present day."

Posted below a woman hitting her own butt. An image of a man holding up his hand. The text reads: "I'd fap to it.

Gif of a woman slapping her own ass and the cheeks moving.

A friend writes: "So..just had a discussion with a (female) colleague about one of our male colleagues, who had advised our female friend (without her asking) on how she shouldn't swear on social media (she had been ranting about a sexist supervisor). My argument was that it wasn't his place to say anything, given he's a man telling a woman how to feel about being oppressed by men, and my colleague brought out the "well, if we want equality, then we should all be able to say everything" argument. SO many problematic things there, but I feel like I've heard the "well if you want equality, put up with my bullshit " line too many times. As if equality was a prize to be earned instead of a fucking human right I should expect."

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