Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 1: Make New Legends

Person shared an article criticizing a person who believes we should just "get over" the Cosby rapes. He also said we should get over OJ killing his wife. He's another shitty legend. We will "make new legends."

Resident evil 6 features a fully naked female antagonist. She squats down and has obviously suggestive poses during fighting her.

A friend describes her evening with a male who needed to mansplain gaming culture and RPGs to her. She is an active RPGer and a pillar in our gaming community.

An article pops up discussing how Jessica Jones isn't sexist towards men. Because it's a concern of men that it is.
Follow up: A white dude comments how he doesn't think Jessica Jones is sexist towards men and lists reasons why, as though sexism towards men is a thing.

An interesting opinion piece comes up about Carrie Fisher's weight loss for Star Wars. Author agrees that Disney had good reason for asking her to drop the weight (as they would have Ford if he had "let himself go" over the years). Overall good piece. Some poor choice of words.
Mentions many others opinions on the weight loss. Note: I have yet to see many articles on Ford or Hamill's prep for the movies.
Follow up: A white dude decided to share one article noting that Hamill had to lose weight for his role. Thanks white dude.

Pic of Judy Dench saying age let her know that language holds power in it. And you can use that language to put a fool in -his- place.

Pic of Hugh Dancy as someone in a movie (I think the jane Austen book club) complaining girls don't go for nice guys. Actress playing his opposite says often nice guys aren't nice. Doesn't even begin to address the "nice guy" myth.

Female WWII pilots are banned from a memorial cemetery. These women flew non combatant missions to help free up male fighter pilots to do the fighting. They were military and trained military. A rule says their ashes can't be laid to rest in the cemetery.

Don Lemon tells Kathy Griffin she has a nice rack. Apparently he was unaware she had "all that going on up there"

The Atlantic released an article on a small study in Ontario which studied the "bitchiness" of women 20 - 25 in terms of dealing with other women. A male ran the study. In conclusion, he felt that bitchiness is an evolved trait. Strong notes of monogamy and the standard narrative as well as misogyny in the hard sciences.

Resident evil 6 continues to constantly have Leon saving Helena (whose naked dead sister we killed). Jake also saves Sherri all the time. Leon does shit on his own, Helena doesn't need to save him. Giant shark zombie: Helena gets pulled under, Leon grabs on to save her. Sigh.

A friend described her Star Wars experience. She enjoyed it and agreed that Rey is not a Mary Sue.
Male partner says: I see their point. She's too good.

Another friend talks about the subtle sexism her long term partner displays, especially during anger. Stereotypical responses to arguments that are horribly sexist. Partner is a good guy and normally a good ally. The subtle way sexism enters our lives is sometimes hard to see when we are the culprits. Partners are often left wondering how to approach the issue, because calling your partner on sexism often results in another fight.

Watching the news about Jian Ghomeshi. It talks about how the character of the victims will be attacked through questions of anything that could be relevant. Two cases have already been dismissed because of a lack of evidence. His lawyer will get him off. At least, I think so.

A review of pop culture in 2015. They mention Caitlyn Jenner, who said the hardest part of being a woman was figuring out what to wear at her woman of the year award ceremony.
They talk about Cosby and his ongoing issue with being a rapist. Apparently there were accusations when he was in Canada over a decade ago. Sigh.
Another family show had to defend the son who was found to be sexually abusing his younger sisters. But the show said no and canceled it even though his parents supported him.
Robert Downey Jr. Is up for a people's choice award for being iron man. Uhm. Okay.

Toyota Corolla commercial shows man and his boss getting into separate cars. Compared boss' expensive car to employees car. Ends with "boss approves of his new Corolla. And so does she." As the boss' daughter gets into employees car.

A female defends public breastfeeding. Her colleague threatens to grab her nipples.
The end of resident evil 6 with Leon and Helena ends with this incredible line delivered by Leon: "Women."

A republican "family man" says he'll grab the nipples of public breast feeding moms if a law doesn't pass stating women cannot expose their nipples in public. He sees no problem with men being shirtless.

Takei shared a post about a man who tried to pinch a woman's butt and she hit him and knocked him down. Naturally he shared it using a pun. But assault apparently is a joke. And I'm not talking about her hitting him.

An image that says: "teach your daughters to worry less about glass slippers and more about breaking glass ceilings." One commenter says that girls are now too hard and treat men like shit and cheat on them.

Lena Dunham weighs in on Cosby, saying he belongs in hell and that he will forever be marked by this, like the girls he raped. Rob Puente at tells her to sit her down and STFU, which would be doing the american people a favour, as her book names her a rapist and she's being hypocritical. 

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  1. Coincidentally enough, my father just told me he didn't want to continue watching Jessica Jones because she's "crazy". I asked him what he meant, and my mother interrupted to say "She's been abused! Of course she needs to process that! What the hell is wrong with you calling a woman who has been abused crazy!?"

    Fail/Win for Day 1 of 2016