Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day 11: Teenage Temptress

A post talking about how being drunk is nothing that is important during a rape investigation. A man comments on the post saying it is because being falsely accused of rape ruins a man's life so we have to be careful for all the men that this impacts.

No women directors were nominated at the Golden Globes. And no, you can't blame their movies.

A dear friend and I have a conversation about sexism in rock'n'roll culture, from Bowie to Plant and back again. The normalization of statutory rape and abusive situations

A post that reads "I'd rather struggle every day of my life than to ever give a man the power to say 'you wouldn't have that if it weren't for me'"

An article on the myth of the teenage temptress and the truth about statutory rape.

Having my songs on random. Lady Gaga's Till It Happens To You comes on. Instant heart hurt.

Josh Duggar wants to see the evidence of rape in his trial. The judge says no.

18 year old girl is raped by 5 teens in a park while walking with her father.

Women behind bars and the question of "should women who falsely accuse men of rape go to jail?" One man writes that he went to court to call a girl a whore who accused his nice guy friend of rape and his friend got off.

No Mas Bebes is a documentary about the forced sterilization of latina women in a Los Angeles hospital.

A female friend talks on how she's reaching a point in her career where she doesn't have other women at the same level or above her to ask for advice.

A woman holding a poster stating things that do and do not belong in a uterus. What doesn't belong there? Religion. Laws. Men. "Persons". Misplaced moral outrage.

A study found that 84% of women in tech have been told they're too aggressive. 60% also reported unwanted sexual advances at the workplace, and 65% of women who reported unwanted sexual advances had received them from a superior.

A friend posts an article about how videos games are shitty towards women. A man on her thread posts: "so make some girly video games...? or are they expecting someone to hold a gun to an entire company and force them to add more bows and unicorns and cooking? i really don't get any of this argument at all... what's the end-game here? people buy what they want, and people sell what they want. what else is there to it?"

My partner and I are talking about bad movies on Netflix. He brings up catwoman with Halle Berry. I've never seen it. We turn it on and it's about an unfashionable shy woman trying to beat a bad woman obsessed with beauty and not aging.

Resting bitch face.

A boy comes and sits across from me on the ttc. He spits on the floor. An older boy tells him not to do that with a lady being right there. Boy gestures at me and says "she doesn't fucking care."

Effie Brown emphasizes how excited she is for her new project because the person she works with does value diversity after Matt Damon mansplained it to her.

Black text on a white background: "No one actually thinks all men. Just too many men. Just enough men to be afraid. Just enough men that all women experience it. Just enough to make it a social problem not a personal one."

An article discussing how the media is using the Germany sexual assaults to further Islamophobia.

An article detailing how all four suspects in a brutal rape are under 17.

People posting on Twitter how they want to change the term Slave Leia with Leia the Huttslayer.

Yes, mourn David Bowie. He was a creative genius. But also don't forget he was the one who had sex with Lori Maddox when she was 13.

A plea from an activist group for our culture to uphold consent culture.

A friend wears a piece of clothing given to her by someone whom sexually assaulted herd of the first time since the assault.

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