Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 4: Don't Let SJWs Ruin It

A fellow organizer of gaming conventions routinely goes around the female organizers of the team and dismisses their concerns of sexism and exclusion.

A friend and I try to figure out if a person is a harasser from a decade ago based on Facebook pictures. She feels unsafe enough (given he followed her home once) to block him. We don't know if it's him. But it could be. If it is him, we need to remove him from the gaming group once again. How do you know?

On the convention Facebook page for the old school gaming convention, they have: "Girls play dungeons & dragons for the first time."

10 Ways the beauty industry tells you being beautiful means being white. The truth of the beauty standard.

There needs to be a female doctor in Doctor Who article. Bunch of user comments on how it's important he's male.

Turns out Han Solo built a kitchen on the Millennium Falcon after he got married to Leia and she was joining them on the Falcon.

In July, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law classifying cheerleaders as employees. The Orange County Registrar said they (being the cheerleaders) don't need to be paid or get benefits because they're around rich men all the time which is the point of cheerleading.

An article on how lots of men don't think rape is rape. "Specifically, when survey items describe behaviors (i.e., "Have you ever coerced somebody to intercourse by holding them down?" instead of simply label them (i.e., "Have you ever raped somebody?"), more men will admit to sexually coercive behaviors in the past and more women will self-report past victimization.

Japan apologizes and starts to make amends to South Korea for the sex slaves they called Comfort Women.

Talking with other TAG organizers about a person we're working with who thought the line "Don't let the SJWs ruin the convention" was funny.

Rey (The main character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens) was excluded in the new edition of Star Wars monopoly.

Article on how to spot a sexual predator posing as a healer or spiritual leader.

Conversation with a client on how the Walking Dead is less sexist now. So I should therefore watch it.

An article on the seven casually sexist things women hear all the time. Smile. Calm down. You do that well for a girl.

A woman writes in a feminist group: "How do you all avoid feeling defeated? I feel like everyone here is so strong and I'm just sitting here wondering how bad becoming a hermit could REALLY be."

An Otaku cafe for females is set to open in Japan. The comments on the article are filled with reverse sexism claims, feminism fighting for entitlement, and how women would throw a fit if this were reversed.

An image of cartoon penguins. One is pink with a fuchsia bow. One is black with green feet and a green beak. The text says: "The relationship between a husband & wife is psychological. One is psycho the other is logical." The psycho is under the pink penguin. The logical is under the black penguin. The pink penguin is winking.

Just interrupted a fight outside of my work place between a man and a woman. The man spit on her and called her a variety of female focused expletives.

Future tweets about Ciara and his custody battle of their child. He says "This bitch has control problems."

Woman posts a gofundme to help raise money to fight the legal battle for custody of her sons after leaving an abusive spouse.

A friend posts about her fear of rejection in online dating when meeting in person because of her body weight.

"And I hate this, but in that moment, I began to blame myself for having chosen to walk home. I should have waited 20 minutes for the next bus. I should have requested an Uber. I should have taken another route home. I should have. I should have." A woman speaks about blaming herself for experiencing a man attempting to assault her.

Men don't age better, they're just allowed to age. Text over a picture of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.

A woman posts on Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook that because of him, she tells her daughters to date the nerds, because one of them could become the next genius.
Mark Zuckerberg replies telling the woman to tell her daughters to be the nerds as the may be the next big inventors.
Success for Zuckerberg. Failure for mother.

A game I love is going to Pax South. I immediately feel sad given Dick Wolves and all that jazz.

Cover of Cosmopolitan calls Cosby's rape allegations... a story of greed and lust?

The dynamic, locally-forward thinking show Minnesota Nice put out a casting call for a tall white blonde woman to go with their tall white man host.

Tony Speers of the Ottawa Sun tweets: "Ex-PM Stephen Harper's former drummer Phillip Nolan has been sentenced to TWO YEARS in jail for a tryst with a then 13-yo student."

"When defending someone who commits rape is really about defending your own history of committing sexual assault and not respecting consent."

Talking about OSR. The person I'm talking to tells me that women experience harassment in old school gaming communities because there aren't enough women in gaming.

A discussion about Nice Guy Syndrome.

An acquaintance asks if I'll be going to OSCon (old school gaming convention). I have to explain that I don't feel comfortable going because of repeated harassment and abuse because of my gender.

"You're too old to be so shy he says to me so I stay the night." Lyrics of Daughter's Candles.

Black background, white text: "Last guys finish last? Of course we do. We make sure our woman finishes first. Multiple times."

"Don't call her that! The words used to describe women. If she was a man you'd call her brave, formidable, BOLD."

Set of images of Donald Trump's wife (not named just indicated by her spouse) with a comment about her face.

The TTC's 2014 Annual Report on Diversity and Human Rights Achievements shows that while women account for 57% of TTC ridership and 52% of the city's population, they only make up 15% of the transit agency's workforce.

Donald Trump calls Bill Clinton one of the greatest woman abusers of our time. Which is the reason Hilary shouldn't be calling Trump sexist.

Anne Hathaway releases a photo of her baby bump because she wanted a photo she consented to, not one someone shot of her to share her news with the world.

An article discussing how aging is considered a failure for women.

Trump says Clinton is constantly playing the woman card.

Beth Stelling's rapist publicly declared that she is being harmful and hurtful towards him by accusing him.

A conversation about guilt when one is a feminist and participating in the beauty standard.

A tweet that says: "If 40 men call one woman a hoe, you believe them. If 40 women call a man a rapist, you have a hard time believing them?"

An article on how Stephen Moffat is a misogynist.


  1. Woman posts a gofundme to help raise money to fight the legal battle for custody of her sons after leaving an abusive spouse.

    This needs a link.

    1. Sadly I don't log the links I'm viewing as a lot of time I'm on my phone between clients throughout the day or during breaks at games.