Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 10: G-strings and Tutus

Vixen will return in an online cartoon series. The picture showing this bad ass heroine has her painted in a suit so tight you can notice the apex of her breast which looks pointed, like a nipple.

A video about the maker of Mall Madness and Dream Phone, which were 90's board games for girls. And yes, I adored Dream Phone. It was a game about using a phone to try to find out who had a crush on you. Mall Madness was about getting all the best sales.

An article for sufferers of sexual assault and rape, designed to help recognize the signs of PTSD and how to get help.

Text on white background: *In a movie*

Main guy: Hey, how are you?
His Dream Girl: I'm a plot device so it doesn't really matter. How are you?
Main guy: *monologues*

Leonardo DiCaprio laughs at Lady Gaga for winning a Golden Globe award. She runs into him a little as she walks up to receive it while he's laughing and he gives her a dirty look.

Gervais returned to Mel Gibson and asked "What the fuck does sugar tits mean?"

At the Golden Globe awards, Gervais says of Mel Gibson, that he'd rather drink with Mel Gibson than Bill Cosby and that's the one person he can think of he'd rather drink with less than Mel.

An image of a stick guy. Text says the stick dude's name is Bill. And that when Bill sees something offensive he does the smart thing and moves on. We should all be like Bill.

An article about Mulder being a pretty shitty guy now that people are rewatching the show as adults (for those of us who saw it when we were younger). "As a teen, I loved how Scully presented herself confidently and competently in the face of truly otherworldly chaos. She’s still a great character for that reason, but watching the show now, instead of rooting for Mulder and Scully as a duo, I find myself rooting for Scully alone. Twenty years after The X-Files debuted, it’s still rare to see a female character who’s as complicated and resilient as Scully—especially who works in science. Meanwhile, many of Mulder’s character traits that I once thought were endearing—his puppy dog attitude, his propensity toward throwing himself into the path of danger, his skepticism toward Scully’s ideas—now feel to me like standard egotistical behavior. As a teenager, I’d never met anyone like Mulder. Now, I’ve met many guys who act a lot like him—although their obsessions are usually not aliens, but Apple products, or politics, or “ethics in video game journalism.'"

At a wedding convention, chatting with a photographer;
Friend: "Great, can we grab one of your brochures?"
Photographer: "I don't know, have you been a good girl?" *wink* *laughs*
Me: "What?" 
Photographer: "Uh, sure, here you go!"

A picture of a girl in a babydoll marching with other women. It says "Is it okay to rape me now?"

At a booth selling combined DJ/Casino games services. The salesman is pitching to us, in French:
Salesman: "You know how women always want to dance, but the men don't?"
Friend: "Actually, my fiancee and I both like to dance."
Salesman: *blink*blink* "But, um... you know how you want to dance, but your boyfriend probably doesn't?"
Friend: "No... we both want to dance at our wedding."
Salesman: "Okay, but, um... *blink* uh, maybe you don't understand French well, let me get my English-speaking colleague."
Friend: "No, we get it -"
Other Salesman: "Hi! So, you know how men hate to dance? Well, we provide these fun casino games they can play instead!"

Master of None: "If you're born with a vagina everybody knows creepy dudes are just part of the deal."

A cracked video talks about a study where the human brain lights up in the area that associates with objects instead of people when humans look at human women

An image of Rey and Finn in The Force Awakens. The text notes that the hollywood culture said to never have a film about women and minorities as it won't succeed. The film just became the highest grossing film ever.

A friend tells me about working IT and having to fix someone's computer. He had porn on the background and she said that's not cool. He assured her it was.

My friend tells me she was getting gas and the elderly woman across from her was having difficulty getting her gas cap off. My friend (female) offered to help but a man pulled up and helped. The woman lectured my friend on letting men do all the strenuous things because women's bodies aren't designed for that.

Birth Control Babe: Pill poppin' penis lovin' Satan's Girl! 50's propaganda.

My partner and I have a conversation about Fallout 4 after I tell him what the beginning of the game makes different for women. Him: "Maybe it's sticking to that 50's vibe?"
Me: "Well, there is a new science and fusion cards and it's 2077." 
Him: "Valid."

Man claims that ‪#‎Wastehistime2016‬ is reverse sexism.

‪#‎Wastehistime2016‬ is blamed for widening the gender gap by a man.

A man posts about ‪#‎Wastehistime2016‬ "And yet another infantile thing women are doing to men (see also: the woman messing with her ex by using Adele lyrics)... Do people have nothing better to do? Grow up,"

When you play a woman in Fallout 4 the narrative changes so it was your husband who went to war. Not you. When you click on the uniform you say "I'm so proud of him."

Deadwood takes on sexism and racism and ableism head on. It's part of why I love it.

"I never met a girl til Maddie who wasn't afraid of men." Joanie talks about her partner in Deadwood.

An article on being a feminist and liking to be called whore. On the difficulties of sexual freedom in a political life.

"I've always thought Velma was prettier than Daphne." With a hashtag of unpopularopinion.

A history of women in comic books is released in response to no women nominees out of 30 for the most prestigious comic book award.

Jon Stewart on sexual assault: "When it comes to sexual assault, nobody says 'Hey, men shouldn't drink.' It's always about women changing their behaviour and dressing differently. Why can't we hold men accountable for their behaviours?"

A large section of text on comparing the video game industry to a department store. One argument states that the department store is for men and women asking for women's clothes in a men's store.
The second comparison says it's a department store for everyone. And being a female is like walking in and asking for women's clothes but all you're offered is tutus and g-strings.

Alyssa Milano talks about the sexualization of breasts.

Alyssa Milano responds to Wendy Williams hating on breastfeeding. "You're lucky the baby's not here or I'd whip 'em out and feed her on your show."

Reading a Wonder Woman forum about Supergirl. The question? How do we feel about Supergirl being called a feminist when that wasn't the creators intent of her character unlike Wonder Woman? One person with a Spider Man avatar posts: "Well, Supergirl isn't known for being intelligent, so that label works just fine for her."

About being a girl in the nerd world: "This gatekeeping behavior is rooted in the idea of women as interlopers and invaders. People love to act as if gaming was a boys-only treehouse by design, and women have just recently infiltrated it using only Adam’s rib and their Feminine Wiles™. And when we start talking about opening the gate—expanding the criteria by which we classify “gamers” to include everyone in the community the gate never opened wide enough to accommodate—people get uncomfortable."

More from an article on gatekeeping in geek culture: "There’s a lot of weird gatekeeping and geek policing that goes on; there’s a ton of unspoken expectations and rules for this behavior about who can be a part of the community and who can’t."

Reading an article on exclusionary geek culture. "Enemies of progress (EOPs, if you will) are generally natural manifestations of historical institutions of oppression and bigotry. As a result, I’m never all that surprised to find them among gamers. Gaming is in the midst of a very big and frequently painful transition from an almost-exclusively white hetero cis male space into something that caters a little more to—well, everyone else. It’s gotten to the point where I expect to see a few EOPs in the comment thread of anything that mentions this transition, decrying it as uncomfortable and awful and oppressive to them specifically, as gamers. (That is to say: white hetero cismale gamers, to whom the industry has always shamelessly pandered.) These kinds of comments are rooted in institutional oppression—sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, etc.—and not any kind of valid logic worth my consideration."

A group of women in the comic book industry have banded together and called themselves the Valkyries. The founder says: “I can’t speak for every member of the Valkyries or Valhalla, but for me personally, it means to be dedicated to sharing, innovation, diversity, and excitement when it comes to comics. It’s the antithesis of gatekeeping.”

Baby Kylo Ren just stabbed a bunch of snowmen in a cartoon. Leia is giving Han a look of dismissal and questioning as the man who take no for an answer and is prone to lashing out because of his temper says "He gets it from your side of the family."

Daniel Radcliff made a movie called What If. It's about a guy who's into this girl who's his friend. The movie is about them remaining friends even though he has more feels for her. He said this about friend-zoning when asked: “Friend-zoning is a terrible thing. The idea of a friend zone is like a terrible, male… have you ever heard a girl say she’s in the friend zone? It’s a thing I think men need to be really careful about using… I definitely think the idea of friend zone is just men going, ‘This woman won’t have sex with me.’”

Article on why the friend zone is dangerous for women. "That is what I think connects the friend zone and rape culture together entirely: You felt like you had done something wrong, even after you explicitly said to this guy that you were only interested in a platonic friendship."

A tweet reads: "'Slut' is attacking women for the right to say yes. 'Friend zone' is attacking women for the right to say no. And 'bitch' is attacking women for their right to call you on it."

There's a yellow wall in the picture. Words are painted on it:
"Every taco is hand-rolled with exotic Mexican spices by genuine Mayan virgins."

Matt O tweets: "Girls I know you need pads, tampons, and toothbrushes or whatever but can you put that in a separate store so us bros don't have to see em?"

A woman sits on the grass with a poster in front of her. It reads: "Why does alcohol excuse his actions but condemn mine?"

"When the women's movement started, there was not even a term called domestic violence," the 80-year-old activist said in an interview. "It was just called life." Gloria Steinem speaks out on domestic abuse.

A post that talks about how grandmothers couldn't leave grandparents because they didn't have their own assets or income, not because they didn't want to. Plus there was a huge stigma attached to divorce.

A quote about raising boys not to like porn because of how it exploits women. Many of the comments are about shaming sex workers. 

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