Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 12: Thor's Sister Whor

Senator Claire McCaskill tells men to stay out of women's health and that we need more women in politics to help protect women's health.

A female client talks about correction officers in women's prisons, and how they're the real reason you don't want to go to jail as a woman because of the horrible things they do.

A conversation with a client about how she was almost expected to work in corrections due to a strike. She says she was worried she'd have to be near the prisoners and was told not to wear anything provocative.

In an online game on Storium, the male author refers to all women as girls, regardless of age.

A female jewel thief is dubbed "The shapely stick up artist"

A friend's employer tells her he believes she's making it up or imagining the daily sexism she feels on tech support calls.

At my friend's workplace, the phone technicians are setting up the phones. They need someone to record the message. They immediately suggest my friend, and when she says no, they begin thinking of other women.

A friend says she avoids posting anything about how she's feeling (if feeling poor) because of the constant pregnancy questions.

Women talk on an article about plus size bikinis. They discuss their humiliations, their want of a bikini, and their insecurities.

The brutal rape case of an 18 year old girl takes a turn for the worst when the suspects claim she was having sex with her father in the park when the group of them arrived. They asked if they could have some, and the father consented then walked away. They also claim the act was consensual.

An article detailing the latest "crazy" contestant on the Bachelor.

"My little brother whos 7 was saying girls can't be scientists and my little sister whos 5 looked at him offended and said 'princess bubblegum is a girl and shes a scientist, jonny!' and he said 'oh yeah... ok nvm' and they continued eating breakfast like nothing. This is why representation is important guys!"

Male comedian says: "Of course it's okay to say hello to a woman. But maybe if you say, 'Hey, baby, give me a smile' to a complete stranger you're a bit of a douche bag."

A list of the 10 most anticipated RPGs of the year came out. Only one, Blue Rose, appears to have female writers working on the rpg, although finding the credentials is difficult to confirm this. They do have female writers in the stretch goals of Kickstarter, so I'm saying they have female writers. The rest? A bunch of games written by dudes.

The NDP call for women to be on Canadian money.

Black text on paper background: "A daughter should not have to beg her father for a relationship."

Three people have asked me if I'm pregnant because I posted that I'm nauseated.

A female friend talks about her feelings of being fat, something that's new for her, and her concerns for her mental health.

An article about telling women how to use language properly, specifically with apologizing and using the word "just."

Talking to a friend about the new x-men movie. I state I'm not excited because of Psylocke's uniform. I say it's the one from the comic books. He gets more excited.

Ciara performs the National Anthem at a football game. She has a low cut dress on. People tell her to cover up.

The two finger test: You put two fingers up a woman's vagina to see if her hymen is still intact, and if it isn't, then she can't to have been raped because she wasn't a virgin.

"You don't have to be a rapist to be part of the problem. You can think rape is wrong for the wrong reasons and you're part of the problem."

A Ted Talk that discusses rape in India, and how most of the reasons why rape is wrong is the breaking of gender based boundaries, as in, women are out too late and women are wearing Western influenced clothes so we should stop them from doing that.

The Russo Bros want to direct a Black Widow movie.

A post on how Rey will be in the next wave of Star Wars toys.

several articles on whether or not to call Bowie out after his passing on the statutory rape.

At the course, as the instructor mentions the patriarchy, she pauses to say that she doesn't hate men, and then continues to explain her point. No one said she did at any point.

At a course my instructor talks about how the patriarchy is destroying everyone's, but especially women's, ability to trust their intuition.

The Joker (heath ledger) in a nurse outfit. The text reads: "use boobs to sell everything and no one says anything. But see someone breast feeding and everyone loses their mind."

Great article on why a woman chose to keep her maiden name. The comments call her selfish and claim she doesn't understand or support marriage

A beautiful article on emotionally abusive fathers and how to understand what's happening in those complicated relationships.

An image of a woman cosplaying as Thor. The text reads "Thor's younger sister Whor."

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