Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 3: Kylo Ren is a Bitch

A quote about how a woman should shut up when hit in the face with an elbow.

A saying on a black and white background saying a strong man can handle a strong woman.

A post about men refusing to buy tampons because they're afraid it would hurt their masculinity somehow.

Black and white photo of Clint Eastwood with the text: "I miss the good old days when everyone wasn't an over sensitive pussy."

Swedish doctors performing virginity tests on young women.

Picture of Kylo Ren with lots of text, the beginning of which is "Kylo Ren is a bitch."

Carrie Fisher and Daisy Ridley on a talk show. Carrie Fisher tells the story of going into a store and the cashier recognizing her as Leia. He says he thought about her daily from 12 - 22, about four times a day. The host and Ridley look terrified. Fisher turns to Ridley and says "See what you have to look forward to."

"We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren't able to burn."

Chris Brown says allegations of battery are untrue.

Man posts archive of art. Main image is a naked female fairy.

Couple who raped, tortured, and murdered Noelle Paquette plead guilty. Their defence/reason/excuse? They were just looking for anyone and she was walking alone.

Post on the similarities between rape culture and police brutality. Not all men/police. Victim blaming. Protected by systemic sexism/racism.

A republican guide to the female anatomy with a selection of quotes on the feminist socialist anti-family agenda.

Kate Winslet weighs in on the Hollywood pay gap.

An article on the history of rape, sexual abuse, colonial terrorism, racism, and genocide of the Aboriginal people of Canada. This one touches on a lot of horrifying isms, only one of them being sexism and rape culture.

A picture of stick people asking why a girl saying "boys are stupid" isn't sexist but a boy saying "girls are stupid" is. It says we should stop worrying about sexism and just worry about being kind to each other.

A conversation with my partner about including sexual words in our vocabulary turns sour when I say that most words aren't sexy to me anymore because of the weight they carry and how political language is.

Excited for and worried about Fallout 4 after watching a male shoot and terrorize a female character in Fallout 3.

The conversation about Fallout 3 includes me talking about Clover, the female sex slave companion the main character could have.

A female friend has to leave Twitter because of male harassment/stalking/abuse.

Discussion on how women bullied off of social media by MRAs result in those much needed conversations about sexism never happening.

Phantom of the Opera is in town. The ads are selling the kidnapping and stalking of a young woman as the romance of the century. Christine Daae remains one of the most horrible female protagonists to date.

A conversation about Phantom of the Opera starts. A man justifies her behaviour as a woman of her time, as though women in history weren't real people.

Talking about TV shows Master of None comes up. It's a good show. Go watch it. Aziz Ansari has some mansplaining of feminism habits. And said he was a feminist because his girlfriend was.

A picture of a woman knitting with the words "Of course life is a bitch. If it were a slut it'd be easy."

A picture of a woman laying face down facing away from the camera. She is wearing a blue t-shirt, rainbow knee-highs, and a rainbow thong. The camera angle gets a good shot of the thong going between her butt cheeks and over her genitals. The words read: "The original inspiration for 'taste the rainbow.'"

Sitting the bath shaving. I can't help but feel guilty, as I wonder why it is that I shave. I pause, give it some thought, find no good answer as to if I shave of my own enjoyment or because it's expected of me culturally or some combination of both. I know I started shaving very early, probably around 11/12 years of age. I haven't stopped since then. I remember ingrown hairs, itching like mad, cuts, razor marks, learning not to dry shave (don't dry shave, ever.), and learning which direction to shave in and the conflicting advice of my peers. Why did I go through all that? Why do I still sometimes go through that? Can I still call myself a feminist and shave?

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