Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 5: Roller Derby Skank

Convention planning: A game of trying to ignore how many male egos are getting in the way of getting things done.

An article on why the word "tryst" is not okay to use instead of statutory rape.

An article saying phrases not to use in 2016. Tryst being one. "Alleged assault" when the verdict is guilty is another.

Article on the actress' take of her character Harley Quinn in the upcoming film Suicide Squad. Comments are mostly about her costume/appearance. Ranging from Roller Derby Skank to White Trash Whore.

Sports journalist Mel McLaughlin interviewed cricket player Chris Gayle. Gayle's reply to her question: "Hopefully I'll win this game and we can go for drinks. Don't blush, baby."

MRAs are reporting themselves winning against The Force Awakens. They were upset women existed and touched a lightsaber whom weren't Leia. They say that because of their reporting on the website Return of Kings, the movie lost 4.2 million dollars.

The gendering of toys is relatively recent. Toys were mostly gender neutral in the 40's and 50's.

My partner brings up Rey missing from toys.

The conversation continues to talk about Gamorah's absence in Guardians of the Galaxy toys, and Black Widow's absence in Avengers merchandise.

"Does survival ever become easy? Does protecting one's magic ever become effortless? How lovely it must be to find hands that know you--hands that love you--hands that don't hurt you." Article on surviving rape and abuse.

Every woman in Deadwood has been abused, either physically, emotionally, or sexually. Most of them sexually, by lovers, father figures, fathers, bosses/owners.

A cartoon depicting a Native Canadian woman looked pissed at a white dude proclaiming racism in the United States. Her newspaper talks of the missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada.

Talking to a potential new organizer for a gaming group we talk about how we have a special group of organizers who deal with sexual harassment and how we have a zero tolerance policy after we had to remove the last guy who followed women home.

"In the '50s, Mrs. America contestants from all around the country came to Florida to set up households in small beach cottages and participate in a week-long series of challenges: ironing, cooking, baking, sewing, and cleaning."

"Opinions are like orgasms. Most girls aren't taught that it's okay to have their own and are only expected to further men's."

New Year fitness challenge ad. A bunch of fit and thin women leaning against a wall in a variety of sexy but not too sexy poses.

German police investigate dozens of sexual assault charges perpetrated by a pack of a 1000 men on New Years.

Feminist New Years resolution: "When you're asked why you're not married say you're married to the struggle and flip the table."

A woman and friend describe her PTSD after a physical attack by a man last year.

A magazine with a woman in lingerie at one of my work places. It says "Celebrate anti-aging." I laugh and mention to my coworker, that aging is a failure. She replies: "It's a mission!"

My coworker comes back after 8 months off with her newborn. Mat leave isn't given to contract workers.

"During an argument, my husband has the last say because he is the head of the house," Mercy Masika on being an obedient wife.

The lead singer of Steely Dan was arrested for domestic abuse. He was released without bail.

A coworker talks about working with the women's hockey team. He states that upon meeting them, they were the nicest politest girls but once they were on the bench they were vulgar and aggressive.

"If I had a dollar for every 77 cents I'd be a man."

FFX cancels animated lead western show before it even airs.

The Supreme Court must decide if anti-abortion laws are a human rights violation.

A TV show comes out about a rape and murder trial. The rape victim is still alive and contacted. She mentions her anger and her therapist.

Tyga says he just wanted to see her sing and she wasn't uncomfortable at all when he Facetimed her. The 14 year old girl says the complete opposite.

Comments about red heads on the Bachelor. Also, the Bachelor.

Memes about Game of Thrones not coming out. Winter isn't coming.

A woman in a group I'm in posts: "I'm so tired of hearing/reading 'but what about all those false rape allegations? My friend/cousin/this dude went to jail because he was falsely accused.' I'm tired of screaming that this happens 2% of the time!!! I'm tired of being asked to back up those statistics when these dudes can type 'false rape statistics' with their own fingers."

A friend tells me: "In law school, first year criminal law class, we got to the section on aggravated sexual assault/rape and this guy in the front put up his hand and said, "But how can you ever honestly prosecute rape claims? Take girlfriends of NBA players--they're almost always saying they were raped in order to get money out of the guy."

Another friends tells me of a small scar she has on her chest. She's been told multiple times she should cover it up, either with a necklace or higher neckline shirt.

A friend tells me a boss commenting on her putting food on her plate at a get together by saying "Wow, you going to eat all of that?"

Hasbro uses a flimsy excuse as to why Rey was excluded from Hasbro toys.

Set of text talking about men using mens issues to derail conversations about womens issues.

Jennifer Lawrence thanks Planned Parenthood for not being a mother yet and echoes how important the services are.

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