Saturday, January 2, 2016

The rules?

So the parameters for my experience.

1) I can't go looking for trouble. I can't actively search for sexism, it has to occur as it normally would on any given day. This doesn't mean I can't continue to visit the normal websites I do, do normal searches I would do when trying to investigate an issue, etc. But it does mean I can't have a slow day and go "Hm I'll just research something for numbers."

2) No names. I will not be adding the names of friends, enemies, rivals, fellow rpgers, etc.. I will be adding: the name of celebrities who come up, the name of politicians who come up, the name of books, movies, tv shows, etc., that do come up, RPGs that come up.

3) No dialogue. Most of the time I will not provide a theme on why the things I'm experiencing are problematic. You're a smart kid, figure it out. Once a week I'll post something or ask a guest to post something on their own experiences or on a theme I've noticed in the week.

4) Follow Ups. Everything I'm experiencing I'm posting on Facebook and will add follow-ups if shenanigans ensue. Again, no names.

5) Double up? Yes please. If I run in to the same issue over and over again in different sources or times I will include them to reinforce the unending sense of no escape that sexism has. Because sometimes rape culture be up in your face like that.

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