Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day 9: Bitchplosion

Battered wife syndrome.

Dean Winchester. Supernatural.

Wendy Williams: Should Beyonce be jealous of Adele?

That horrible rape scene in Bladerunner.

A little girl holding a Barbie doll that's been costumed to look like Rey from Star Wars. Since there are no Rey toys available, this family had one made for their daughter.

An article on how the hetero-patriarchy masculinity always ends in violence and how this is the cause of a lot of violence that people experience.

In the top 10 couples who lack chemistry on a youtube video, at least four are very abusive and include Anakin and Padme, the 50 shades couple, and Twilight.

The trailer for Knock Knock, and the movie too.

An ad for Jim Butcher's Storm Front.

Article about Emma Watson's new bookclub. A commenter posts how it's all just a bunch of circle jerking.

US Maternal mortality rate is up 160% from 1995.

A white man on the street almost ran into me because he was walking one way but turned the other way to leer and stare at a young woman's ass while she walked away from him.

A young woman refused sex from her landlord. He refused to give her heat for 2 years because she kept rejecting him.

John Kaisch says paid maternity leave will only widen the pay gap.

A white woman posts a picture of having a cup that says "Black folk tears" on it in an attempt to mock a picture of a black woman with a cup that says "White folk tears" on it. A feminist calls this white woman racist. A male friend of white woman threatens to rape the feminist.

An article asking the important question: Why are there so few girls in children's books?

Brad Takei shares a post on how parents need to stop sharenting. These articles are most often geared at women, mothers, whom share lots of pictures of their children. These sharenters use social media as a community, to find solace and a relief from the isolation of parenting.

A friend posts an image which says she's hit her weight goal of Don't Care. A man congratulates her on this.

JJ Abrams weighs in on the Where's Rey? toy business. He says it's preposterous and stupid she's not a toy.

A Texas teen posts selfies of her hairy body and calls them Wal-Mart Undies selfies. A bunch of people hate her for this and comment on her body. Another person says brown people don't know how to use razors so it's not her fault.

Rob Gordy's bootcamp keeps showing me images of sexy ladies in hopes I'll join his bootcamp to become said sexy lady.

A black and white image of women of colour in 80's style clothing. The text over them says "Once upon a time a long long time ago... black women could spit dope lyrics with their clothes on."

Photos of Melania Trump in sexual poses, naked in two of them and wearing a revealing dress in the third. The text states that Republican leaders don't want the photos circulated as they may offend voters.

A post about how if girls post pictures of themselves in panties, they should expect harassment form men. One woman argues men are not entitled to opinions on women. Men answer that yes, in fact, they are.

An Urban Dictionary definition.
Bitchplosion: An explsion of bitchiness when someone/something pushes you so far that you just bitchplode.
"Dude... I was just joking and then she just had a massive bitchplosion."

A popular Kink porn star James Deen was accused of sexual assault by several other actresses. As a result, new mandates were laid down to protect consent and the women in the industry.

My client and I talk about how lucky we are that our male partners don't care if we shave.

3 women go on national television to recite words. They talk about the silence women learn, keep your head down, keep your mouth closed. Don't talk about what hurts.

The ladies of the Ghost Buster film get excited for it's release. Men who hate the film because of it's all female cast get pissy.

Trump has a Muslim woman removed from his rally.

A dominant talks about consent in BDSM relationships. She says, "So one day, I finally agreed to allow him to tie my wrists, clothed, nonsexual. And while my wrists were tied, he decided to blindfold me without my consent. I was immediately triggered and terrified. I told him to take the blindfold off and fucking untie me while I tried not to hyperventilate. He proceeded to get angry that Iw as upset. He squeezed my forearms and glared at me and bared his teeth when I told him I was going to leave the room."

The Toronto Star talks of Melonie Biddersingh's death. Melonie was a young woman who was brutally abused and no one noticed. Not a single person. Not one. "As she weakened, crawled about and lost control of her bowels, the once lovely girl was forced to use pails on the balcony to relieve herself. Cleon, a year older, had to wash her down. To extract information, her father placed her head in the toilet and flushed."

11 things to say when your daughter insults her body that'll boost her confidence. Number 11: Your worth will never be measured in a clothing size or goal weight.

A sign that reads Don't Get Raped. The Get is scratched out along with the D on raped. In the end, it reads Don't Rape.

Several articles on Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney having sex to stop bullying. Amongst the comments are a smattering of how Kinney obviously doesn't go for looks and repeated comments on how fuckable or not Lady Gaga is.

Women share camera footage of a man wanted for 5 sexual assaults in our city.

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