Sunday, February 28, 2016

Day 58: I'm crazy, he'd say.

"We as women are trained to see ourselves as cheap imitations of fashion photographs, rather than seeing fashion photographs as cheap imitations of women." Naomi Wolf

"I love books! I'm a girl & I read unlike all those girls that party!"

Woman on FB talks about her boyfriend stealing the tv from her to play xbox on. Man replies on her fb feed: "Jeez, what a dick.Im really sorry. I would never do that too you. Id wait my turn until you were totally done. Id even give up my xbox time for you tongue emoticon."
She says "lol, Ill live"
He follows it up with: "Yup. Someone nice to you and you turn into a bitch, have fun with your dick of a bf. Typical. As a follow up Id never tread you bad, you probably got your shit attitude from him. Lost another good one. If you want to apologize im here, and listening. Well at least you know my GF will be treated right, im having a great time laughing over here how little he respects you."

Article on a female uber driver who was sexually assaulted by her passenger. "During our ride, I am their hostage."

The other day I got the friendzone mansplained to me.

"I'm such a nice guy to her and I always put up with her mood swings and let her cry to me and shit and I'm so in the friendzone she openly talks about fucking other guys." 

A woman talks about a man waking her up in a hostel to hit on her.

" During an interview of British Labour leadership contender Liz 
Kendall, a reporter asked her how much she weighed." 

"My stomach flipped and dropped. I felt sick. I could hear his laugh; smell his musk. It’s like he was standing in front of me. Memories flashed through my mind in a rush. Without being able to stop myself, I clicked through photos to get a sense of how long he’d been dating this one. Long enough. Long enough that his pattern must be starting by now.
I want to message her. To warn her. But I don’t. How crazy would I look, this ex-girlfriend of almost a decade, happily married to someone else, messaging his current girlfriend? That’s how he would spin it, too. I never could get over him, he’d say. I’m crazy, he’d say. That’s what he told the first girl that I tried to warn, the one he dated after me. It took a year, but she finally saw what I had already seen and reached out. After her was another girl. And now this one."

"And then one day, something triggers a memory. Maybe it’s his name in my inbox, which would indicate that he has broken up with whatever poor girl he most recently victimized. Maybe it’s a photo on Facebook . . ."

"Could the stereotype that women are less “handy” be accidentally designed into the very tools of the trade, extending bias to a functional level and creating a damaging feedback loop?" 

"If you work an office in the U.S., you’ve probably noticed that women often find that they’re too cold, while men report being perfectly comfortable.
This is because the algorithms that dictate temperature regulation in many office buildings were designed in the 1960s for a 154 pound male. "

“Most biomedical and clinical research has been based on the assumption that the male can serve as representative of the species. This has been in spite of increasing awareness … [that] women and men differ in their susceptibility to and risk for many medical conditions, and they respond differently to drugs and other interventions. The close of the previous decade saw 8 out of 10 prescription drugs withdrawn from the U.S. market because they cause statistically greater health risks for women .” 

"Female drivers are 47% more likely to be seriously injured in a car crash." Because of crash test dummies being male. 

"27 Design Firms
743 People
188 Women
555 Men
Only 24.4% of the staff at these design + engineering firms are female."

"Developed by San Francisco comedian Luna Malbroux, Equipay is an app that takes the guesswork out of bill-splitting by factoring in the invisible: the pay inequalities experienced by women and people of color. After all, if a black woman only makes 64 cents for the dollar made by a white man for the same work, isn’t there something just a little problematic about them both forking over the same $34 for this Mexican food?"

Pokemon Moon cartoon with a girl mooning (showing her naked butt).

Anime characters of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Sun is a woman with red hair and a star bra on where the stars cover her breasts.

A friend will no longer play RPGs with a male player because of abusive and isolating behaviour at a game. 

"Women have been getting pregnant since the beginning of time. I can definitely stand in a court room pregnant and kick ass."

Video: "How to prank a gold digger like a boss." Shows a man repeatedly asking a woman for a date. She says no, gives every excuse in the book. Then when a hot rich guy comes along she gives different answers.

A friend tells me a guy who knows she's engaged keeps hitting on her.

"Abby was seeing her male partner for only for a couple of weeks, then he became really strange and aggressive and kept insistently pursuing her. At the same time, Abby became really sick and began began cold sores for the first time. Not feeling at all good about this person, Abby pushed for a bit of information. Eventually, all he said was, "Well at least you'll remember me forever."" 

Man on the street wouldn't get out of my way and said "hi" to me as I walked by him. 

"Men don't have privilege, there are women only gyms!"

"Incidentally, I have never heard anyone ask a man they just met if and when he plans on having kids. And, while we’re on a related note, I’ve grown tired of the response that I will change my mind “once I meet the right guy.” In the past, more than once I tried to shape myself into a different version of me, a version that wanted children. And I did this because the guys I was interested in wanted families down the road. But then I stopped trying to force myself into someone I wasn’t and recognized that it is okay to not want children. It doesn’t make me a bad person or any less of a woman. It’s just part of what makes me a little bit different from the majority. (But then, I’ve never wanted to be in the majority, anyway.) After finally, wholly accepting this about myself, I knew my reply to “the right guy will change your mind” was “the right guy for me won’t want kids, either.”"

"The more I hear it, the more I think that we need to stop this cultural phenomenon of asking each woman we meet if they have or when they want children. For me, the choice not to have kids doesn’t come from any deep, dark secret or complex psychological issue. I simply don’t want them. I am more than happy to just be a kick-ass auntie. I have absolutely nothing against women being mothers – but I have no desire to become one myself. You want to have kids? Great! Let’s go pick out some cute onesies. You don’t want them? That’s cool, too. Let’s go spend our non-kid-related money on pizza and books."

In Canada, for every 2.7 hours of unpaid work a man does, a woman does 4.3 hours. 

"In countries around the world, the ways in which men and women spend their time are unbalanced. Men spend more time working for money. Women do the bulk of the unpaid work — cooking, cleaning and child care.
This unpaid work is essential for households and societies to function. But it is also valued less than paid work, and when it is women’s responsibility, it prevents them from doing other things."

6 Signs your friends are slutshaming you. 

Of the 25 Greatest Moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only about 3 include scenes with women (the new york fight with Black Widow, the opening fight of Age of Ultron also with Blackwidow, and the prison escape scene in Guardians of the Galaxy with Gamora). The rest are mostly fight scenes focusing on solo male characters. Jessica Jones didn't make the list. Nor did any of the women in SHIELD.

"Also, there was that terrible time in 2003 when her partner, the actor Billy Crudup, left her when she was seven months pregnant for the much younger Claire Danes. It’s shameful that even I, the laziest of fans, know that headline from her life story, but so it goes with famous actors: We applaud them for pretending to be other people, then gawk at their private lives behind their backs." In a review about Mary-Louise Parker's Hey, Mr You 

"Sheena Shirani posted Facebook messages and a recording of a phone conversation between her and her boss at Press TV, news director Hamid Reza Emadi, in which he allegedly begged her for sex saying he had “always supported her” at the channel." 

"The problem with dress codes is that when we tell our daughters that they must cover their shoulders, legs, and chests, we create shame around their bodies. We imply that they are off-limits and inappropriate. And we teach our sons and daughters that, if a girl bares these "bad" parts, she's no longer worthy of equal respect — heck, maybe she even deserves what she gets. And then we turn to our daughters, look them straight in the eye, and tell them that these dress codes are for their own good."

"Maybe it's not the clothes we wear that define our character, value, or worth. And maybe they don't even create a responsibility for how others view us, or treat us. Instead, perhaps our clothes are simply what we put on, to keep us warm or cool, or because they feel soft or make us feel beautiful. Maybe they are personal, and entirely our own decision." 

Jennifer Lawrence talks about the pay gap: "One of the most important things for this movement is to get out of this mindset that we're in a post-feminist era," said the actor. "I don't know who came up with that term, but it's the most damaging term that we have because it's just not true." 

A card in Cards Against Geeks: "Inappropriate Boothbabes advancing the cause of women's rights with latex and fake boobs." 

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