Sunday, February 28, 2016

Day 57: Men are not victims. We are men.

"An 81-year-old attorney who was forced to move seats because an Orthodox Jewish man objected to sitting next to her is suing the Israeli airline El Al. Renee Rabinowitz, backed by an left-leaning religious advocacy group, is accusing the airline of illegal discrimination against her." ‪

Woman and man at a dinner table. "Just because you invited me over, made me dinner, expected me to stay doesn't mean I owe you."

Pale background, black text: "Proud member of the 'I don't draw in my eyebrows' club."

An article on the 160 examples of male privilege. 

Black and white image of a woman crying. "One in three reported rapes happens when the victim has been drinking."

Image of man and woman at a bar. "Just because you bought me a drink doesn't mean I owe you." 

"Women’s acceptance of benevolent sexism is linked with felt incompetence, a lack of desire for independent success, harsher attitudes toward victims of acquaintance rape and decreased support for societal policies promoting women’s workplace advancement." 

"'Hostile sexism' is defined by endorsing derogatory beliefs about women and the idea that 'women seek to gain power by getting control over men.' 'Benevolent sexism' is less obvious and seemingly more chivalrous, supporting the idea that 'women should be cherished and protected by men."

"A new study with a joint team of researchers out of the University of Auckland in New Zealand and the University of Illinois has found that women who have long-term relationships with sexist men become more sexist as the relationship progresses. Encouragingly, women who date feminist men experience less internalized misogyny as the relationship progresses, so there is hope."

"When he hurt them, he ignored their cries for him to stop. If they persisted in making a racket, he beat them. Badly."

"Australia’s worst paedophile priest, Father Gerald Ridsdale, once lived with a young clergyman who is now Cardinal George Pell. As the Cardinal prepares to give evidence to the child abuse royal commission, two women break decades of silence to tell Debi Marshall about their ordeal in Ridsdale’s care – and their disappointment with Pell." 

""Unless things change, girls today will spend hundreds of thousands more hours than boys doing unpaid work simply because society assumes it’s their responsibility," Bill and Melinda wrote in the letter."

"We tend to overlook the critical work that needs getting done in any society in order for life to move onward, like caring for children or preparing meals. Around the world, this unpaid work is, more often than not, done by women. "

"Even as India modernizes, witchcraft accusations are common, leading to the murders of over 2,000 people, mostly women, in the last 15 years. "

Black background, white text: "Taylor Swift has 500 songs about guys leaving her and 0 songs about blowjobs. See where I'm going with this?"

Olay regenerist.

Kelly Clarkson apologizes for having emotions. “I’m pregnant and it’s nostalgic and I can’t believe it’s the last season—yeah, really sorry I just bawled,” Kelly Clarkson said after her last performance on American Idol.

"Women are at highest risk for violence when they leave a relationship, which of course is when PFAs are generally sought. Abusers may also threaten, injure or kill children, extended family, colleagues or pets as a way of hurting the victim."

"Cartrett told WGXA, “So we made the decision to not do a D&C and to get a medicine. So he said I’m going to give you this medicine, you’ll take it, and it will help you to pass naturally so that you don’t have to go the more invasive route.”
When the doctor’s office called the Georgia Walmart to fill the prescription, they were told no and were not given a reason.
Cartrett added, “So we found another place to fill it but I still had to go up there to get another prescription. So when I went up there, she asked if I had any questions about this prescription I said no, I don’t, but I do have a question about the other one. And she looks at my name and she says oh, well . . . I couldn’t think of a valid reason why you would need this prescription.”
Wal-Mart pharmacist Sandip Patel said he is aware of the situation, and he also said that pharmacists have the ability to turn down prescriptions at their own discretion – a law that has been in place for about 15 years.
Brian Nick at Walmart’s corporate office told WGXA, “Our pharmacists fill prescriptions on a case by case basis every day in our stores throughout the country, and we encourage them to exercise their professional judgment in doing so.”"

"This is a feminist propaganda article. Did you expect any other than the normalization of a white female being vulgar. Accept your new master."

A man says this about domestic violence and sexism killing women: "Yes, but not in western countries. This happens in war torn countries and predominately Muslim countries." 

"We die because of Mysogyny"
97% of combat deaths. Men.
80% of suicides. Men.
93% of workplace deaths. Men.
76% of homicide victims. Men.
Despite these statistics I'm not going to hate women for them. Or claim it's "MISANDRY". Because I'm not interested in gender baiting. Men are NOT victims. We are MEN."

Image in black and white of a woman whom is a "real life Barbie doll". The text reads: "just want to inform you girls this is not what we guys are looking for."

Trump has a conversation about how he trusts his wife so much he doesn't need to pull out. He trusts her to take a pill. 

After purchasing the Miss USA pageant in 1997, Trump said he would make the “bathing suits to be smaller and the heels to be higher.” In 2005, when promoting the pageant on Stern’s show, Trump said, “If you’re looking for a rocket scientist, don’t tune in tonight, but if you’re looking for a really beautiful woman, you should watch.” 

Comments on Clinton: "She would make a terrific president but 69 years old is old. She looks so tired now and the job of president is exhausting."

"We beg Clinton to run, and then accuse her of feeling “entitled” to win. Several feminist writers have analyzed the Clinton yo-yo. Melissa McEwan sees a deliberate pattern of humiliation, which involves “building [Clinton] up and pressuring her to take on increasingly prominent public challenges, only to immediately turn on her and unleash breathtaking misogyny against her when she steps up to the plate.”"

"How can we reconcile the “unlikable” Democratic presidential candidate of today with the adored politician of recent history? It’s simple: Public opinion of Clinton has followed a fixed pattern throughout her career. Her public approval plummets whenever she applies for a new position. Then it soars when she gets the job. The wild difference between the way we talk about Clinton when she campaigns and the way we talk about her when she’s in office can’t be explained as ordinary political mud-slinging. Rather, the predictable swings of public opinion reveal Americans’ continued prejudice against women caught in the act of asking for power."

"The report, which is the result of a three-year investigation, identified 72 victims of Savile (eight of whom were raped, including an eight-year-old) and 21 victims of Hall, and attributed the gross misconduct to a BBC culture of deference to celebrities.
Employees had known about Savile’s behavior, the investigation found, but were too afraid to report him to senior management."

"Trump then implied she should “keep her mouth shut”, she alleged. "

"The woman alleged in a federal lawsuit in 1997 that Trump violated her “physical and mental integrity” when he touched her intimately without consent after her boyfriend went into business with him, leaving her “emotionally devastated [and] distraught”."

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