Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 44: Wanna choke on my dick?

Republican rep says: "in the emergency room they have rape kits where a woman can get cleaned out." In reference to abortion and pregnancy resulting from rape.

From 50 Shades of Grey: "No," I protest, trying to kick him off.
He stops. "If you struggle I'll tie your feet too. If you make a noise, Anastasia, I'll gag you."

Tabloid highlights all the things wrong with Gillian Andersons face due to age.

Picture of a ring. The text reads: "Call me old fashioned, but I still want a guy to ask my dad for his permission."

St Vincent designs guitar for the female body. 

On a woman's pubic hair: "About 38 percent believed that pubic hair should be "trimmed and well-groomed" because a "grown woman should have something down there." Five percent believe that women should be au natural. Fifteen percent had no preference, believing that a woman should do whatever makes her feel comfy and sexy."

"The Huffington Post, in conjunction with, conducted a survey of over 5,000 men about what they really think of women's pubic hair. Most men (41 percent) thought that "the only hair on a woman should be on her head." Nice one, guys." 

University of Texas at Dallas took to the streets to protest against domestic violence, these striking pictures made waves around the world. Muslim America rocks - we just don’t hear about it often. 

"Today's young men (?) are new versions of past generations of women .. they now have ear rings, mani pedi, hairdos; jewelry, fancy shoes, and expect pampering....Wake up and smell their vaginas"

"If the caption above belongs to a woman of loose discretion, then why complain when a man disrespects you?"

A man comments on the Strong Woman post: "Oh yes, I had experiences with Strong Women. Guess what? It gets boring like hell with them. No passion, no craziness, no fun" 

"3. Her priority is her man alone nothing else. She'd stay loyal devoted and committed to her man." 

9 Things to expect when dating a strong woman. Including real conversation, respect, hating on men with no ambition, won't want an indecisive man and won't play games. 

Jon Stewart said: "Nobody says, 'Hey, men should not drink.' It's all about women must dress differently, women must walk differently, women must drink differently. Why are we not able to hold men accountable for this behavior?" 

"So for some women, that repeated rape happened over a period of days or months and for some women it happened over a period of years. Four women were able to escape and one woman tells of how she fled into the mountains with her four children. Her children lived through hunger, fear, disease — and six years later ... she only had one surviving child with her." 

"Last week, a historic trial began in Guatemala.
It's believed to be the first time any national court has held a trial to prosecute sex slavery during an armed conflict. Two former military officers stand accused of murder, kidnapping and keeping nearly a dozen indigenous women as domestic laborers and sex slaves during the country's 36-year civil war.
The war resulted in 200,000 deaths and 45,000 disappearances. Most of the genocide and other crimes targeted Mayans."

Comment on Supernatural: "I was about to start watching "Supernatural" when I read the first season arc and realized they fridged the mother and Sam's gf just to provide impetus for the story. Fuck that."

Man comments on a post about how rape shouldn't be used as a story tool for women all the time. "I guess all violence should be gone from movies too. We can make all movies about hugging each other and learning math."

Tweet: "If your female characters have to be raped to be 'interesting', examine why the same isn't said for your male characters. Also stop writing."

"Men’s Rights Activists and other antifeminists love playing “gotcha” — demanding answers to questions designed to make feminists look hypocritical or illogical or just plain dumb.
Trouble is, despite their fondness for the “gotcha” game, most MRAs and antifeminists just aren’t very good at it. Their questions, often based on gross misunderstandings, tend to reveal less about the alleged hypocrisies of feminists than they reveal about their own profound ignorance of feminism."

"For me and for other gender nonconforming people, we need to work on expanding the "real woman" dialogue beyond the cis experience. Transfeminine humans are constantly subjected to violence and harassment for not passing as female, or not performing femininity up to the standards of "the real woman" concept. And if a trans or gender nonconforming person performing femininity does so without the absence of body hair, or with makeup on that is considered to represent alternative beauty standards, they are also more vulnerable to harassment. This is demonstrated perfectly on Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Instagram, where the photos the brand shares of male models wearing lipstick are subject to more than a bit of hate.
Even less visible are the traumas of being misgendered or asked what your genitals look like — more ways through which the womanhood of others is called into question and scrutinized. You're not a real woman if you wear masculine clothing. You're not a real woman if you have facial hair. You're not a real woman if you have a penis."

Article on "real women." "The concept of a "real woman" and what she does and doesn't do is incredibly problematic, while simultaneously being incredibly common in contemporary conversations." 

"The teacher explained the following: the staff talked to all students about the dress code recently (within the last two weeks), stated that tights can be worn but clothing must cover mid thigh, that she had been talked to before about dress code items, that her clothing could be distracting to boys," Turner wrote.

A mom writes about her outrage at what the school said about her daughter. ""My daughter was told by a teacher at Marshall Public Schools that she was a distraction to the boys today," Fields wrote. "My straight A student was called out in front of the class and told the boys were staring at her. If I wouldn't have been home, she would have had to sit in ISS (in school suspension) all day. This is wrong.""

An article on how the patriarchy will criticize everything a woman does. Between saying she's too fat, too shallow, too unconcerned with her looks, to too stupid. Women are always just less.

"This one guy, the first time he ever asked me to perform oral sex on him, and with no prior conversation around kinks, requested it by asking, “Wanna choke on my dick?"

"I once asked a partner who I’d had a lot of trouble with in the satisfaction department if I could guide him step-by-step and show him what I wanted. He agreed to it — but it ended up involving very little penetration. Afterward, I told him it was the best orgasm I’d ever had in my life. He said, “I got nothing out of that. I’m never doing that again.”" 

"One dude told me not to wear black bras. He said, “Boys only like bright colors.” And then he demanded that I go lingerie shopping." 

"In high school, I was on a date with a guy at Pizza Hut. I was holding my plastic glass of Pepsi with one hand, playing with the condensation on the outside of the red cup. My date said, “I know what you’re doing.” I made a quizzical face. He responded, “You’re simulating a hand job.”"

I once asked a guy if he would go down on me, and he told me, “If that’s what you want, you should just fuck a girl.” 

Tweet: "Antoin Scalia requested cremation in his will, but millions of women will meet tomorrow to discuss if that's really best for his body."

"The benefit of being Latina and speaking fluent Spanish but being incredibly pale and pasty is that most Hispanic or Spanish people will assume I can't understand them. Two Mallorcan women paused to watch me go by, and I heard one of them mutter, "Mira la gorda," or "Look at the fat woman." But she didn't sound rude. Her tone of voice wasn't malicious or judgmental. It was inquisitive — surprised. She seemed genuinely taken aback that someone my size would wear a bikini in public, as though she, too, had been told her whole life that only women who work hard to stay thin deserve to wear such things." The fat woman wearing the bikini continues.

A fat woman who wore a standard bikini talks about people making fun of her. "The young people who stopped to look, point, and giggle were often paired in twos as part of a couple. The most obvious incident happened when a young guy saw me, visibly dropped his jaw, tried to conceal his laughter by moving his head slightly toward his girlfriend, whispering at her to look at me, and proceeding to ogle. Once he got her attention, they didn't even try to hide their staring, and he certainly didn't try to hide his laughter. But what is most interesting about this is that it foreshadowed the couples to come. Three young couples in total looked at me mockingly, and in each instance, it was the man who alerted the woman to my presence." 

A woman talks about fat shaming. "As a fat woman, there are several truths that have been engrained into my psyche since the day my visible belly outline became impossible to conceal. Amongst them, the "fact" that fat women do not deserve to wear bodycon dresses or sexy lingerie. Furthermore, their sole goal when it comes to fashion should be to try their very best to not look fat. I'm talking about cultivating addictions to black dresses, wearing only loose-fitting tops and high-waisted trousers and avoiding anything loud, revealing or remotely interesting. Plus-size fashion rules indicate only solid prints and baggy things are to be purchased. And we must be grateful to these items, for they slim us down and make us more attractive (or better yet, less revolting) to those around us." 

She describes her encounter with Jian. "The incident that changed everything was on a Sunday night. Oddly, I actually remember exactly what I was wearing and the purse I had with me. The evening started out fine. We had a drink, we smoked some pot and we hung out chatting. A while later we started kissing. Suddenly, it was like he became a different person. He was super angry, almost frenzied and disassociated.
I distinctly remember the jarring sense of suddenly being abruptly shaken out of my reverie. I remember thinking "what the fuck is going on here? What's wrong with him?" Jian had his hands around my throat, had pulled down my pants and was aggressively and violently penetrating me with his fingers. When it was over, I got up and it was clear I was really angry. My sexual interactions until then had always been consensual, enjoyable and fun.
I remember he gave me some weird lines about how he couldn't tell if I was actually attracted to him or not, and somehow this was meant to explain his behaviour. I called a cab and I left right away. In the car, I remember feeling sort of stunned, like I couldn't wrap my head around what had just happened. He acted like it was all totally normal and came to the door to watch me go down the stairs and get into the cab." 

A woman writes about her experience with Jian Ghomeshi. "Yesterday I went into the CBC building and for the first time in the six years that I've been back in Canada, I didn't feel the pang of stress at the thought of running into Jian. Or see the giant image of his smiling face looming above me.
I debated all week whether or not to write this for all the same reasons that most women don't publicly or even privately share similar experiences: judgment, online trolls, the questioning of all your other choices, the accusation that it wasn't that bad, that it was so long ago, and the fact that I don't have the time and ultimately, is there any value in adding my voice or story in a public domain?" 

"You should wear less makeup." "no."

"And when feminist harridans tell men to sit with our knees together we say "No". My body, my choice and fuck off, weirdo." 

"Feminidiots will stoop to never cease to amaze me."

"dont worry, in 15 years you boobs will be saggy and nobody will give you attention anymore" 

"you body is a very beautiful thing, men get disturbed a lot by it, nature is that strong. that is why you need to be carefull, woman are lucky they dont have the same strong sexual impulse then man. man are slaves to there impulses" Man says to a woman about her body. 

A woman talks about her body: 'It makes me sad that my body is nothing but a a free show to some." 

"Just another stupid feminist idea" a man says about free the nipple.

A woman compares public breastfeeding to public defecation.

A man comments on female nudity: "I would want my woman to save the gift of something so intimate as her nakedness for me alone." 

Another friend talks about her rape and abuse over the years on Facebook, feeling validated and finally ready to speak about it.

Kevin Smith decides to host a nerd 'fanboy' tv show where both hosts are older white dudes.

My mother and I discuss how being overweight makes us feel safer from the male gaze and catcalling. 

A man gets angry at my friend for not caring about Valentine's day.

A valentine with Immorten Joe on it that says "You're my favourite breeding wife, Valentine." 

A dear friend is tempted to out her rapist on a public event on Facebook, but fears repercussions.

Article on Topless day for women. "Luckily, there is a movement called Go Topless Day that organizes a protest every year on the Sunday that falls closest to Women’s Equality Day.
Although the website has not yet been updated, we contacted them and confirmed that the event will once again be taking place in Montreal. The date for this year’s event falls on Sunday, August 27th. "

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