Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 38: Eat a dick.

That super bowl ad about the creepy dad. "Oh an ad about a father completely usurping the agency of his daughter as the guardian of her precious virginity. Yay tropes."

A comic about the trauma sex assault survivors face when put on the stand to recount their assault. 

"Adult filmmaker Erika Lust can recall exactly how she felt the first time she watched porn: She was conflicted, to say the least.
"Part of me was like, 'Yeah, it's somewhat of a turn-on,'" she told Refinery29. "But another side of me thought, What the hell is this sexist bullshit?" Or as she put it in her 2014 Tedx Talk, "Arousal tasted sweet," but "objectification tasted bitter.""

A post on women hating the words slut and bitch and friend zone. One man replies: "Women complaining about what words irrelevant people use to describe them. How strong and independent of you."

Men using the excuse: "But I have a friend who's a girl who uses that word" as though they can't fathom that sexism is everywhere and in everything and yes, women can participate in it too.

A man justifying the use of words describing women: "Slut and friend zone are words used by men expressing feelings of rejection by women.. Bitch is used for expressing confusion at women who with one hand scream patrichy hurts men too you should express your feelings but then Bitch when men do"

A comic of a girl proclaiming herself awesome shaped. A woman notes that men keep making fun of the comic. A man replies: "Well, it's probably because you feminist refuse to stop raping the English language and misuse words, but ok. Has little to do with female body confidence because we already understand that women will never be happy in their bodies."

A man comments on a woman screaming about feminism so she's heard. "They still won't listen to you, because it's the content that's the problem not the voice." 

White background, black text: "I'm going to scream about the importance of feminism to the world until my voice becomes hoarse enough to be mistaken for a man's and people actually start to listen to me."

"If you have to resort to screaming, you've already lost the conversation. No one needs to sound like a man. You just have to explain logically and with common sense."

My mother cautions me on talking back to men in public, not because men deserve not to be called on their shit, but because she worries for my safety.

" I was once called a "stupid bitch" for not giving a man my number."

"Anytime I do anything to differentiate myself from a doormat or a prostitute I'm called a bitch."

A woman state: "I got called a cold hearted bitch for nicely saying that i didnt want to have sex with my ex when he's seeing someone else he so called loves."

A picture asking a pharmacist how to keep politics out of the uterus. A male comments: "I recommend a " Hillary for President " tattoo. That should keep everybody out of your uterus." 

A quote on how discrimination of any kind is awful. A man comments: "Being an asshole doesn't discriminate"

On the Free The Nipple project: "There isn't a red-blooded man who doesn't love to see a woman's nipples and there isn't a red blooded woman who gives a crap about seeing s man's nipples."

A male commenter on rape jokes: "Men should respect women how would those telling those jokes like it if the jokes were about their mom, sisters or wife they wouldn't like it." 

Rosie Riveter look-alike in background, but with a baby breastfeeding at her chest. Text reads: "Rape jokes are not jokes. Woman-hating jokes are not jokes. These guys are telling you what they think. When you laugh along to get their approval, you give them yours."

"In my middle school they had a class just for at-risk females. There were several guest speakers that told their stories of date rape and teen pregnancy. They only told it to females. "

A friend posts: "Men really need to stop thinking women are these fragile things that will be crushed or break if you speak your mind about something.

Woman in a slight lunge, her torso rotated to take a picture of herself at the gym. A man is squatted behind her, seeming to be her personal trainer, a wide grin on his face as he stares at her ass.

"Eat a dick. Better?"

"Feminist: "hey we want women to be treated as equals" 
Society: "you are"."

"We have a new generation of feminine men and aggressive women, so sad because women were always respected for their grace and gentility, now they just seem to want to emulate masculinity."

Another friend publicly names her assaulter from a sexual assault on Facebook. 

A friend was assaulted (felt up) at a bar in Toronto tonight. She had to leave.

Feminists take their private facebook groups to reassure one another they can vote for whomever they want despite Steinem's beliefs. 

A woman talks about being one of the boys: "You're still treated like shit. Suddenly the misogyny is just "good-natured" joking, and you can prepare to have that "respect" yanked out from under you at any moment. AND the fact that you're a female will be held over your head, and used to keep you in line."

"I suspect that you see me as an overly emotional “feminazi bitch” who takes thingstoo seriously."

Comment: "if u don't want to be a mom now u should use protection or stop whoring around"

Commenter on a pro-life page. "Well no...the fetus didn't have a say in being implanted in a uterus...it didn't choose to be created. But a women can decided NOT to be impregnated...and that choice should be made BEFORE the fetus is created not ONCE it has been. We do have the choice over our own bodies...if you don't want to implant a fetus in your uterus then don't do the exact thing that will result in exactly that. That is where choice comes into it. Once the fetus is there...it is another life and no one has the right to end a life."

People who are anti-abortion: "Granting a fetus more rights than a person, and granting a pregnant woman less rights than a corpse."

Pink background, black text. "in what world does hating girls make you a better girl?"

Jesse Brown tweets: "At the time she came forward, Lucy had no reason to expect anything but scorn, doubt and anger from the public. She did it anyway."

"When Edward Cullen confesses in Twilight that he has been sneaking into his girlfriend Bella's room and watching her sleep, we're supposed to view it as a sign of his devotion (and to excuse it because he's a nocturnal vampire and has nothing else to do while everyone else is sleeping... but no). We're also supposed to find songs like"Every Breath You Take," which literally describes watching somebody while they do every single thing they do, romantic. However, given that 76 percent of women who were murdered by intimate partners were stalked by them first, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime, stalking is definitely not something to romanticize."

"By presenting women as rewards for patience and kindness, this trope can validate Nice Guy Syndrome, an entitlement complex that leads some men to believe they deserve women's affections because they're so "nice" (though they're usually not)."

"In one episode of Full House, Danny Tanner spies on DJ while she's watching a movie with her boyfriend — because what would a sitcom be without a loving father attempting to exert control over her daughter's love life?" 

"The less you speak up, ask for what you want, and let on that you want anything at all, the more interested he'll be, self-help books like He's Just Not That Into You teach women. We're also taught that this withholding of attention, affection, and sex gives women power — hence supposedly empowering underwear that says "access denied." This trope slut-shames women and objectifies them by telling them the more sex they have and the more interest they express, the less powerful they will be."

50 Shades of Grey 

"In Christian Grey's case, this desire to dominate becomes a form of abuse, as he physically controls and sometimes harms Ana without her consent, yet this is depicted in the book and movie as a turn-on."

"Dating conventions dictate that men must be "masculine" by making decisions for their dates and making all the first moves. Thus, men who don't even wait to figure out what women want and force them to do whatever they had in mind are considered the ideal of manhood."

""Innocence" is considered an attractive trait, and being poorly versed in sex or romance is supposed to make a woman "charming." Though abstaining from sex is a valid choice in real life that says nothing about a woman's personality or character, "pure" women in the media are often depicted as naiive, incompetent, in need of a man to depend on, and easy to take advantage of, which makes the notion that men should be drawn to these women all the more problematic. " 

"A woman with little sexual experience, a la Anastasia Steele, is often depicted as a commodity, as if she will "belong" to the first man to sleep with her. "

On movies that continue sexist tropes. "Although it's one of my favorite movies, Big Fish provides a textbook example of rewarding men for ignoring women when they say "no." Even after the protagonist's love interest makes it clear multiple times that she's engaged, he shows up at her house after planting her favorite flower all over her yard, announcing that he plans to marry her anyway." 

""We've taught girls to romanticize nearly everything a boy does," observes a recent post describing the many problematic gender stereotypes we romanticize from the Tumblr problackgirl. Certain gendered scripts for behavior are oftened portrayed as funny, cute, or romantic in the media — which wouldn't be as much of a problem if media existed in a vacuum. But it doesn't exist in a vacuum; it becomes part of our cultural landscape, and as it does so, it can lead us to excuse real-life sexism."

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