Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 51: Slap this woman

Drinking a coffee, a guy stands over me and starts talking rapidly to me. I ignore him and keep drinking my coffee. He leans in closer and tries talking into my ear. This forces me to take my headphones off and acknowledge him.

A tweet: "She's not even asking for the man that assaulted her to go to jail, she just doesn't want to work with him." 

Today a client blamed women who have a history of dating bad men on the women themselves, for having a type they keep falling for.

Today a client told me that no doesn't always mean no.

Fifty shades of Feminist Fantasy. "No,' she said. And he respected her wish and pestered her no more. The end.

About the Fifty Shades of Feminist Fantasy: "No, no, no in the feminist version she goes out with him, but they don´t have sex, yet she accuses him one day later of rape, gets coverd by Rolling Stone Magazine and destroys his life"

Picture of House from House MD with thumbs up. Text: "Be a feminist! Focus on one sex! Embrace bigotry, hypocrisy and misinformation! Tell people you're not all like that! Call them misogynists and rape apologists if they disagree!"

"Thanks for perpetuating the lie that feminism is about equality, it's not. Feminism is about giving women special privileges, that women don't realise we already have.... Until of course someone tries to level the playing field and give men the same privilege.... Then all hell breaks loose."

"But then the man told that woman to piss off because he found out she was a feminist and he added "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

"Sounds about like feminists. Boring, narcissistic, stick in the mud."

"Weird, nobody is stopping me from thinking this post is for unintelligent feminist bandwagoner faggots?"

"if women never show at the comic store, that's ok because they're often disingenuous or have an ulterior motive."

"Someone needs to slap this woman across the face with a broadsword, you like comics? Cool, go buy your shit and move on."

"Sounds more like a dumb slut got caught pretending to be a nerd-girl or gamer-girl and is trying to play the victim."

"The most abusive men are the ones that normally sit around bitching about how “females claim they want a good man but when they get one they don’t know what to do with him!” and are always bitching about being “friend zoned”. They constantly use the word “female” and “are always posting memes that say something like “it’s a man’s job to respect a woman, but a woman’s job to give him something to respect.” "

"You almost always see them changing their relationship status multiple times per month with the same girl. Others say “what happened?” and he always has to say “these bitches don’t **insert stupid excuse here ** or starts to make subliminal posts hinting that he was a good man and got played and how they don’t trust bitches no more."

Tweet: "People like Chris Brown can beat the shit out of a woman and still have a career but Kesha gets sexually abused and is punished. Fuck that."

"When ISIS forces swept into Nadia Murad's village in Sinjar, it marked the beginning of several torturous months of rape, abuse, and captivity."

Black background, white text: "Advice for my son: Don't treat girls like shit to impress your friends."

Black background, blue text: "When I see rich, snooty looking women at the grocery store, I pretend I need something and say 'excuse me, do you work here?' just to help keep things real."

"My joke highlights the kinds of assumptions that must exist in order to explain why the United States lacks any kind of paid family leave policy. No, I don’t really believe that lawmakers think American babies raise themselves. But I do believe that many assume we don’t need paid family leave because someone in the family is (or should be) home caring for the baby — and that someone is a woman."

"When it comes to women and work, the largest myth of all is that working is somehow optional. Like men, women work for personal fulfillment and a passion for their job. Also like men, women work to support themselves and their families, and always have. "

"Increasingly, women are the economic backbone for families in our country. Today, 70 percent of mothers work. More than 40 percent of mothers are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families, earning at least half of their family’s income. An additional 22 percent are co-breadwinners, earning at least a quarter or more of their family’s income."

"‪#‎MyBodyMyTerms‬ is a campaign that encourages people to think about opinions, beliefs and perceptions that they may hold about victim-blaming, revenge porn, sexual violence and consent. #MyBodyMyTerms aims to challenge those perceptions head-on.
In a culture where rape survivors like Chrissie Hynde blame themselves for the criminal actions of their rapists, where young people aren’t sure what constitutes consent, where intimate photographs are shared online, and where a group of young men can form a club called the ‘Roastbusters’ and get away with it, we need to have some open and honest conversations."

Girl nearly showing her full breasts in a public library while at a cubicle. Text reads: "Maybe this is why guys laugh in our faces when we say there should be a female president."

"'Please make it die a horrible, painful death': Transgender teen Jazz Jennings reveals the hurtful comments and violent death threats she receives from online trolls "

"While Jazz has heard and read hurtful things said about her before, her big brothers seem unprepared to learn that such hatred is aimed at their little sister.
'I didn't think anyone could be so cruel, to say that they would shoot my sister,' Griffen tells the camera. 'Like, that's insane.'"

White background, black text: "Idk what's more of a turn off: when girls wear beanies or when they tie their hair up with a bandana like a maid."

Madonna talk about women: "You know, Mick Jagger is allowed to have fun. I guess you are not allowed to have fun in your fifties, if you're a girl. If you are Mick jagger you are allowed to date a 25 year old, but if you are me you're a bitch, cunt, whore."

A man in a doctor's lab coat. Text reads: "Mansplaining is the most important thing I can do for my female patients. It helps them understand the decisions I'm making for them."

An article discussing the need to dissociate from being female in order to be treated as a person.

Joss Whedon on strong women. Q: "So why do you write these strong female characters?" A: "Because you're still asking me that."

"Over the years, I've experienced several laughable moments by the things people say to me and my fellow female veterans. Sometimes it can be really frustrating to be on the receiving end of the unrealistic views of family and friends regarding our military service, our jobs and the very real danger every American soldier faces, regardless of gender."

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