Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 76: Maybe a bikini isn't for you

"It's so pathetic how guys have no problem asking for nudes. And when you don't they get mad and call you a bitch " 

"I think people have taken the "rape culture" thing to far. If a guy wolf whistles at a girl, girls will cry "discrimination!!! Sexual harassment! Rape culture!!!" No. If a guy wolf whistles you its probably just him either wanting the girl to know that he finds her attractive or he's just an ass who's trying to get his rocks off. Get. Over. It. "

"A single person is not "rape culture" get over yourselves."

"Rape culture only exists within the Feminist world. In the real world where grownups reside, we accept that rape is part of the evil in this world and you have to make an effort to prevent it, just as you would other evils like murder, robbery, ect."

"If you're 200 lbs maybe a bikini isnt' for you"

A man playing a female in game today had his female character say "I'm having feminine problems" to try to get out of a situation. (to be fair, he called himself on it within a second)A man playing a female in game today had his female character say "I'm having feminine problems" to try to get out of a situation. (to be fair, he called himself on it within a second)

"My vagina was cut three times" a woman talks about nonconsensual surgery in birth.

Chicago ends tampon tax

A man asks me for the address to the hotel. I tell him to check the website. He tells me he doesn't trust websites. I don't respond. He then emails me the website to tell me he found it for me.

Ad for sexy bikinis.

A woman giving the middle finger when told to smile more.

Picture of a woman. "I don't wear makeup because I'd rather a guy be shocked i put it on then be shocked when I take it off."

An article on technology, like phones, being designed bigger and bigger and how it's designed for men, so women can't use it as easily.

A transgender woman talks about being severely beaten at work.

Tweet: "The 'hey ma, that sundress make yo booty look...fuck you then bitch, actin like you ain't hear me, you ugly anyways' weather is approaching"

An article on the survivors of wartime rape refusing to be silent.

A quote by Carrie Fisher saying youth and beauty aren't accomplishments and people need to stop saying if she's aged well or not.

A woman writes: "I get a little cranky when someone who means nothing to me inboxes me when I'm almost sleeping and starts asking about my body parts." 

Judging other women for doing things considered unfeminist, like shaving or wearing makeup, instead of supporting choice.

A friend tells me: "I got told, after telling a guy that complimenting my hair and smile would (1) not get me to sign his position and (2) was sexist, that it was just a compliment, and I should thank him for it" 

A white dude tells me I'm wrong about what is and isn't sexist. Because women can be sexist against men. 

A woman yells at a cop not to hurt her. Men laugh at her.

A man yells at and humiliates a woman on the streetcar. Everyone laughs. It's st Patrick's day. The day of drunk assholes.

Tumblr: Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession. 

Gail Simone says a man explains who Deadpool is to her, a woman who helped write the comic.

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