Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day 66: Excuse me, I'm talking

Watching Hope Floats, another 90's rom com. Movies of my childhood. Main character (female) named Birdee. Her husband has an affair on her with her bestie. She goes home. The first thing her mother does is tell the granddaughter how pretty she is and the daughter how awful she looks. This theme continues through the whole movie. Birdee's looks (perhaps because she was a prom queen type when she lived in town) are constantly called into question, from her hair style to how shitty she looks to how tired she is.

the top 10 most annoying characters of Fallout. This guys hates any men who talk down to him, and hates a woman for not being grateful, and the other woman because her voice is too high.

"Get into a vault full of naked women."

In fallout 2, if you play a female character, a teen drug dealer hits on you constantly. Doesn't hit on the male.

It occurs to me that I apologize a lot for feminist content that upsets people. Why? Because I'm sad it's upsetting for people. I don't mean "i'm sorry" I mean "I feel you and let's share this grief together." So for now on, I'm not going to apologize (something non-cismales are conditioned heavily to do) but instead, I'm going to offer love. Love and a space to express that grief.

if I hear one more person praise Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump for being 'outspoken' and 'speaking their minds' while saying Hillary Clinton is playing politics too much, I may actually smack them with a large book on sexism and misogyny. Of course the men can speak their minds. Go home, bro.

And one more for everyone's benefit. Re: Sanders at the Democratic debate tonight and how he spoke to Clinton. "If I have to watch Bernie say "Excuse me, I'm talking" or "You'll have your turn," one more time I'm going to freaking explode!"

And another tweet about the Democratic debate: 'Bernie "I'm talking" with the moving finger- made the hair stand up on the back of many women's neck tonight!"

A mom tweets: "My young daughter spit at the TV. I told her to stop. But it was her instinct. Even as a kid she's seen men do this to women." This is in regards to Bernie telling Clinton "excuse me I'm talking" to shut her up.

A woman tweets: "A man always telling a woman when to talk. "

Another tweet: "Bernie when HRC interrupts: "Excuse me, I'm talking!"
Bernie when Don Lemon interrupts: "Oh I'm sorry, go ahead." "

A woman tweets: "I wonder what would happen if Hillary said "Excuse me. I'm talking!" While wagging her finger at Bernie?"

Bernie Sanders, when a male interrupts him, tells the man to "go ahead." When Hillary interrupts him, he says "excuse me, I'm talking."

About wearing revealing clothing: "I actually had my high school principle say this to me when I wore a form fitting top and a little tummy showing. He further added "You are turning me on"."

"if i can see it all, whats to make me want to persue you?" re: women wearing revealing clothing

"Lt Col Sophia Qureshi Becomes The First Woman To Lead An Indian Army Contingent"

A man says to his female friend on a bus: "You are too ugly to be raped."

A woman touches under her throat. The ad says: "Treatment for double chin!"

A woman makes a photo series of women being harassed at work. "“I was particularly determined to express the idea that oppression of women does not just occur in extreme isolated incidents (violent rape and physical abuse) but can also be felt in lesser forms during the day to day.”

"Massa was laid off from her job last December, three months into her maternity leave. She is also black and Muslim.
The fact that Massa is black and Muslim are not at issue. She filed a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal against her former employer for sexism. She claims the student union terminated her to save money, since they were paying both her replacement’s salary and part of her salary, topping up employment insurance she is entitled to.
That would be illegal in Ontario, where new parents have had the right to take leave for a year and then return to their jobs or a “comparable position” according to the Employment Standards Act."

Image of a barbie doll sprawled on a bed wearing a tube top and short skirt, looking drunk. Her panties are around her ankles. the page is called "NOT being a slutty whore :)"

"Whiny little bitch."

Dad's Trophy written on the butt of a female character's pants in a cartoon

A woman discusses how statements impact women. A man told her that her mouth looks weird when she smiles, so she hides her mouth with her hands now when she laughs. Another was told her eyes squint when she smiles, so she looks down when she smiles. 

"A woman whose privacy was breached at a Sydney hospital says proposed legislation could help protect other victims.
Breanna Rose (not her real name) said current laws hampered her from taking action after a nurse took explicit photographs of her while she was undergoing surgery at Norwest Private Hospital in late 2014."

A woman posts about nice guy syndrome. A man says "having a bad day?"

"Funny because I've heard multiple men tell me that as soon as they've had sex with her she's automatically a slut in their eyes. Pretty sad"

A woman talks on used vaginas: "I didn't want mine ruined so I had elective c section."

"Be real. No one wants someone who is all used up. It's gross. So your vagina had been run through by a couple dozen men or more & you still want respect? Yeah right. That's filthy."

Black background, white text: If you consider a woman less pure after you've touched her, maybe you should take a look at your hands.

A friend and I talk about working with men, whom often leave messes and don't consider the extra work they make for the other people on the team. This is true for everywhere I work. 

A woman says she wouldn't go to the pool because she doesn't want anyone to see her in a bathing suit. She says her husband seeing her naked doesn't count because it's in the dark so he can't really see her body.

A friend's boyfriend yells at her for not going to the gym often enough.
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  1. A woman touches under her throat. The ad says: "Treatment for double chin!"

    That is my client's ad, it is for a new non-surgical treatment for double chin called Belkyra. Most of the patients who have inquired about the treatment are people who have lost a lot of weight and now have sagging skin under their necks. Yes it is a picture of a woman in the ad... Why? Because both males and females respond to a picture of a woman over a picture of a man. Trust me we did the A/B testing and this is the ad that gets the response. If the male picture had gotten the same click through results and conversions as the female ad or performed better, we would be using that imagery right now, but it just doesn't deliver an ROI. And when you are talking about ROI it is important to go with the ad that works. I do apologize if you found the ad sexist, that was not our intention when it was created, we are merely running the ad that performs the best based on solid numbers.