Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 71: They Look Bad Without It

Paul Gross used to come into the store I worked at and hit on the 17 year old clerk.

Multiple men on the streetcar had legs everywhere today. On seats, in isles, it was madness.

When you play through sexist tropes in game because it's part of the normal culture. 

A friend's character says "nice rack" in game. His character is The Captain from Marvel. His character is sexist. He plays it perfectly. But it still catches me off guard to see my cool friend say a sexist thing. 

in game yesterday, my character was relegated to the girl without agency role when her male best friend got her male ex to go beat up a guy for sleeping with her (to be fair she's a minor and the guy she slept with is an adult but note my character is also a murdering vampire). It wasn't intentional, and we don't usually fall into those tropes, but it was interesting to see happen.

"I can't help thinking about the many young rape victims who have been taught over the course of their young lives that they would be nothing, even less than nothing, if they were to "lose their virginity" before marriage."

Picture of olive oil: "Unless you're olive oil your virginity is no indication of your worth"

"How do boys look good without makeup?"
"Because society hasn't told them they look bad without it."

A woman posts about calling out a family friend who pinched her in the butt and then laughed it off.

A woman posts: "Sucks when random men feel you owe them your personal info just because you exist and they noticed you."

"I saw that one of my male friends liked a post making fun of women and dudes holding up pro-feminism signs and that a lot of guys think this is hilarious."

A woman talks about how at age 12, when she was molested and told someone, they told her she must have done something to cause it to happen.

A woman is told to chill about her street harassment and stalking.

Asian dating ap features woman in historical dress. "Her attire is ancient chinese hot chick/goddess style. Like in those kungfu romance series."

"My dad says women don't like monty python. Reblog if you're a woman and like monty python."

"Fatameh Motamed-Aria is one of Iran’s most famous actresses. But being famous doesn’t mean that all Iranians share love for her. At the screening of a new film that she is acting in, she was insulted by hard-line men who tried to then assault her car."

"The only thing more tedious than "locker-room culture" might be sexist subcultural-gatekeeping. ...actually, it's about ethics being a bitter jerk journalism."

"This is one of the dangers of liberal feminism. What is the point of feminism when we applaud rich white women for cutting the benefits of the poor? Why do we care that Clark "moved heaven and earth" to institute Pink Shirt Day when she and her colleagues in the Legislature routinely reveal themselves to be the worst kind of smug, entitled bullies?"

Tweet: "my public high school spent hours each day policing girls' clothing, and 0 minutes in 4 years discussing consent."

A man defends dress codes in schools: "Guys have a dress code to and it keeps kids from showing up naked like there going to edc and kids shouldn't worry about fashion but there grades . they can be free when there 18 go to college and do what they want"

Tweet: "How about instead of me explaining why I don't find rape jokes funny, you explain why you do find them funny. Go ahead. I'll wait." 

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