Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 75: Women, you have to treat them like shit

"'Cause hypocrite to me is spelled c-u-n-t" 

When allies proclaim that men can't be feminist and still participate in sexist culture while still actively participating in sexist culture.

"An image shared by Royal Brunei’s Instagram account in February shows the airline’s first all-female flight crew sitting in the cabin of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Royal Brunei announced the introduction of its first all-female flight crew, making it the latest in a string of airlines to mark the milestone.
However, it wasn’t just the pilots’ sex that brought attention: It was where they were flying to.
At the time the photograph was taken, Capt. Sharifah Czarena and her two female first officers were about to fly from Brunei to Jiddah, the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia — a country where women are not allowed to drive."

Image of a black with purple space bedspread and pillows. Text: "Not sure if cool space bed or Kim Kardashian's bed under black light."

Donald Trump: "Women, you have to treat them like shit."

Girl learns she can get the guy as long as she fundamentally changes all her core values

"A man was hitting on me outside my therapy office, kept calling me red (my hair was red at the time) he said he likes redheads because they are wild. I told him I was also attracted to red headed women, he did not relent until I mentioned I have a boyfriend. This shows that men respect another man's property more than they respect women."

Java Script for Ladies. Where it dumbs down the language so even we can understand it. 

A friend posts: "Men's day: March 19th. I scoffed ate the news and the guys were like, why shouldn't we have men's day if you get to have March 8th."

Drow: A society of powerful, dominant, matriarchal women.

An article in Psychology Today on how women advancing in the psychology field is hurting men, and now men are having a hard time finding science about men.

A female GM said to me that she loves how inclusive TAG is, because it makes running things in a public setting feel safe. 

A woman talks about how the X-Card makes her feel safe in gaming.

"I'm not alone as a woman experiencing judgment and scrutiny for her husband's sexual crimes. Camille Cosby has had to comment publicly on the assault allegations against her husband, Bill Cosby, and was subpoenaed in the defamation lawsuit that's currently being brought against him. (A judge ended up ruling that she does not have to testify, though that could change.) With Hillary Clinton running for president again, her husband's past rape and sexual harassment allegations are being brought back to the surface. No matter what these women's private, emotional journeys are, their reactions and decisions will be public."

"Under Obamacare, women don't have to pay for birth control, right? Not exactly. The Affordable Care Act only got rid of copay on birth control for newer insurance plans and certain methods. For example, if you prefer the NuvaRing to the pill (which many do, because you have to remember it once a month rather than once a day and it has fewer side effects than the pill), you're probably out of luck. Under most plans, it's a "preferred brand" that costs $15-50 per month in copay." 

"Women currently don't have a legal basis to argue for upholding the rights they currently have or gaining the ones they lack because the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, first proposed almost a century ago in 1923, has yet to pass. Currently, the government is not allowed to pass laws or make rulings that treat citizens differently by race or religion, but they're still allowed to do so with gender."

"It's technically illegal for states to completely ban abortion, thanks to SCOTUS's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision (which, by the way, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will try to find a way around if elected, and which Donald Trump has also condemned). But that hasn't stopped them from restricting it tremendously. Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming each have only one abortion clinic, and a law is currently in effect that will leave only one abortion clinic standing in Louisiana as well. On a federal level, the Hyde Amendment prevents government insurance plans from covering abortions. As a consequence, the Guttmacher Institute estimates that 18 to 37 percent of women on Medicaid have given birth against their will because they couldn't afford abortions."

"Thanks to the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, women are now at least guaranteed three months of maternity leave during their child's first year — but if they choose to take it, it could come at the cost of supporting that child, because those three months are unpaid. Right now, the United States is one of only three countries in the world that don't make companies provide paid maternity leave. The other two are Papa New Guinea and Oman."

"That was the beginning of the most horrifying three months of my life. Oliver drove to the Kansas City airport, where he held a concealed knife to my back as we boarded a plane for Houston. There, we stayed in two different seedy hotels before settling into a Days Inn near the airport. That's where I remained — most of the time locked inside a room — for the next 101 days. And almost every day, my captor forced me to have sex with him."

"Locked in a hotel room with an abusive man for more than three months, Jessyca Mullenberg actually forgot who she was."

"Republican women have a message for Donald Trump: Enough with Bill Clinton’s sex scandals.
It’s not that they’re waving Trump off the issue to help Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. On the contrary, they’re worried that the more Trump talks about a troubled period of the Clintons’ marital history, the more likely it could backfire and rally indep

A friend and I discuss how our mothers think it's normal that men will hurt us if we call them on sexism. So much so that our mothers have both warned us to be careful. That's their world. It's normal for a man to shoot a woman for being vocal.

A client talks about how women are expected to leave law practice to have children.

A friend further talks about the D&D 5th Ed Adventurer's League Strad adventure treatment of women: "Pretty much every female character they mentioned as major NPC figures fell into what I'd deem a horribly gendered trope."

A friend talks about the Strahd adventure set for Adventurer's League in D&D 5th Ed. " I kind of felt frustrated by the overall plot construction of the major women in it. I get they're pulling from Gothic horror but... descriptions like "X is a broken woman who lost her child... and wants to make a new one" kind of made me go "really!?""

The man who hacked celebrities accounts to leak nude photos has reached a plea deal.
So we can find this guy but not all the people threatening to rape and murder women in gaming?

"How many times can you justify rape in a TV series and still call yourself a feminist?"
Fucking this.

Spending the morning arguing about Game of Thrones. The best is still "That's what history was like!"

A woman in a wielding mask holds a sign that says: "I need feminism because 'who hired a stripper' shouldn't be the first thing said when I'm at a wielding job."

Tumblr: "Feminism didn't teach me to hate men, but it did teach me to stop prioritizing them over women. And it turns out a lot of men think that's the same thing as hatred."

Tumblr: "Men who slam doors and furniture are making sure you hear how much they want to hit you."

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