Thursday, March 3, 2016

Day 61: Fuck Em and Feed Em

A hospital patient describes her experience having chest pain, going to an Emergency Room, and being told it was all in her head. That since she has had panic attacks in the past, she must be stressed, and she shouldn't waste the doctor's time. Turns out she was having a heart attack.

"This correlation between atheism and feminism for me, and for many other women, is why we are so dismayed by the misogyny rampant in today’s atheist movement. Writing in Salon, Katie Engelhart ascribes the misogyny in New Atheism to the movement’s exclusively male leadership—who also happen to be men notorious for their sexism."

"The latest high-profile example of this hypocrisy is Richard Dawkins’s recent Twitter debacle, in which he tweeted a video mocking feminists and Muslims and then got called out by Lindy West. Then there was neuroscientist and New Atheism leader Sam Harris’s declaration back in 2014 that the movement’s supposedly hard-hitting, critical approach is “to some degree intrinsically male,” as if to confirm that atheism has always been a “boys’ club.”" Article about sexism in Atheism.

" it shouldn't come as a surprise that a number of marriage traditions enforce rape culture. Marriage, after all, is a patriarchal institution originally created for political purposes, including the transferal of ownership of a woman from her father to her husband. Only in the '70s could a married woman even get a credit card in her own name, and it was also not acceptable until recently for women to retain their own names after marriage. Since its creation, marriage has become more of a symbolic act to express commitment and less of a way for a woman to become her husband's property, but vestiges of misogyny still remain within the institution."

"It has long been expected that men propose to women, not the other way around — with the exception of today, actually, because "leap day" is the one day a year when women are allowed to propose to men. This expectation is just part of a set of expectations that men make the first move when it comes to sex and romance. The stereotype that men try to get women to date them or marry them or sleep with them and then women respond can be problematic, not just because it discourages women from going after what they want, but also because it encourages men to pursue what they want at a woman's expense. Men often feel as if it is their job to make the first move even if they're not sure if a woman wants it — and that if she says "no," she's just saying it because it's unladylike to pursue someone. By putting what men pursue over what women want, this dynamic perpetuates rape culture."

"A white dress is supposed to symbolize "purity" aka virginity — because a woman who has not had sex is deemed "purer" than one who has, and therefore more valuable or desirable. "

"The notion that a father can "give away" his daughter at her wedding hinges on the belief that a woman belongs to her father in the first place — and then to her husband. "

"When you go to a wedding, it's practically common courtesy to comment on how beautiful the bride looks — and how lucky the groom is to be marrying someone so beautiful."

"Though women might choose to keep their last names or take their husbands' for all different reasons nowadays, the original intent of the tradition was to make a wife her husband's property. This is also reflected in the fact that until 1993, there were states in which spousal rape was not illegal. Any tradition that considers a woman her husband's to do what he wants with perpetuates rape culture."

"The idea that the only valid couples are heterosexual couples is closely linked with the notion that two people in a relationship should play complementary roles. This means that one does the dishes and takes care of the kids while one is the breadwinner. It also means that one is dominant while the other is submissive, and one is the sexual initiator while the other is the gatekeeper whose desires aren't considered." 

"Under a federal law called the Lautenberg Amendment, if you’ve been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor, you can’t own or buy a gun. If you’re caught with one, as Voisine was, you can face up to 10 years behind bars. In 2011, Voisine was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.
On Monday, he and another Maine man with a similar story are taking their case to the Supreme Court. Lawyers for the two men are arguing that their convictions for violating the amendment should be reversed -- because they never should have lost their gun rights to begin with.

Both men were convicted of domestic violence under Maine statutes that include "reckless" conduct. Their lawyers argue that the men acted in the heat of the moment and their impulsive, reckless acts of domestic violence are not serious enough to qualify under the federal gun ban.
In essence, as The Trace explains, they're arguing for a hierarchy of domestic violence offenses. In their estimation, not all domestic violence convictions should result in a gun ban. Instead, they say, only intentional, purposeful acts of violence should trigger the loss of gun rights under federal law."

"The problem here occurs when people use it to lash out at men. "Dude, quit being such a p*ssy" translates to, "Dude, quit being so weak," insulting his manhood while simultaneously implying that vaginas are weak."

"Regardless, we so carelessly and dismissively toss this word around to describe women — yes, mainly women — who are "pickier" when it comes to sex. She dated a guy for a month and still wasn't ready? Prude. He took her out to dinner and she didn't put out? Prude."

"My wife and I married in August of last year. Like many, we delayed our honeymoon for scheduling and financial reasons. We’ve heard the “sisters question” our whole relationship. But now that we are spouses, married in the Episcopal Church (recently sanctioned by the worldwide Anglican Communion for their performance of same sex marriages), it sits much more awkwardly. We get asked on elevators, in grocery store checkout lines, and at restaurants. Well-meaning congregants ask us on Sundays at church."

I've given up correcting people on calling me Mrs or Kate Taylor. Why? Because people look at me like I'm the bitch for correcting them, not that they've invalidated my experience as a person.

A group of married women talk about how people refuse to acknowledge their name and title choices.

A dear friend is experiencing body image issues. I tell her that this is normal for all women.
A man lectures a woman on the streetcar and repeatedly wags his pointing finger in her face. When she looks at her phone instead of at him he touches her chin to make her look at him.
The male gaze is heavily present in Fright Night. Heavily. 

A vampire lifts up a girl and carries her to the vip part of the club. A man yells "That's what I'm talking about!" 

Bro asks main character as main character's girlfriend is walking away: "How'd you get a piece of that?" 

Drama Queen.

Anyone I've asked about Fuller House just keeps commenting about Stephanie Tanner's boobs. How big they are. And how very present they are.

An ad for the 31 sexiest movies. It shows the lower half of two people, a male and female, with the woman hoisting her leg up and the man grabbing on to it. You can see how shapely her butt is. 

"Combating racism is never an excuse to perpetuate sexism. And acting as though Hillary Clinton is one and the same as Bill Clinton is sexism. If this election is going to become a reckoning with and rejection of the political paradigm of Clintonism, then we must hold all parties accountable for the ways they perpetuated that narrative." 

"Hillary Clinton Is Held to a Higher Standard on Race Because She's a Woman
The ‪#‎WhichHillary‬ hashtag questions whether Clinton has really changed in 20 years, but the same could be asked of Bernie Sanders."

An ad telling me how to get kissable lips. All the people in the ad displaying these kissable lips are women.

Picture of a woman in a white tank top and tight hot pink short things. The text says: "A real woman never lets her man leave home hungry or horny!"

"Holy shit balls, this lady does squats, heavy squats, if I saw her doing squats I'd have to go and lie down and calm down a bit"

"A wise person once told me if you want to maintain a happy and healthy relationship the key is to fuck em and feed em"

"Those women (the ones who don't let their men leave hungry or horny) get bigger diamonds and never cheated on."

"Keep his pecker hard and his stomach full." This is the key to long successful marriages.

March 1st is the anniversary of the salem witch trials. 

"A woman is laughing, head tossed back, focused on something over her right shoulder. A man stares at her, unsmiling. The caption reads: Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking.
This advertisement, part of Bloomingdale's new holiday catalog, inspired instant backlash on the Web."

“It’s sending the message that it is it okay to have sex with people who are incapable of consent," she said. "These are decisions that should be made consciously and willingly.” About an ad promoting the spiking of drinks.

I continue to get called "little bitch" in fallout 4 pretty constantly.

A woman's car breaks down. A female mechanic shows up. The woman says that she's unhappy with a female mechanic because women know nothing about cars. 

Lady Gaga opens up about her own assault. "In the post, Gaga described the reactions of two family members--her aunt and her grandmother--the morning after her performance of her Oscar-nominated anthem “Til it Happens to You,” a song about sexual assault featured in the documentary The Hunting Ground, at the 88th Academy Awards."

People calling Ted Cruz a pussy.

"New moms at the Oscars were forced to pump their breasts in the bathroom -- something workers are protected against doing under federal law."‪#‎yourdailysexism‬

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