Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 73: She's probably a nobody

A friend posts: "Two reasons I love* eating in the work lunchroom with my male coworkers. Their statements today included:
1) It's a woman's place to make meals
2) Undressing in front of a gay man should weird you out (which moved into 'it's okay to stare at a woman undressing nearby but not for a gay man to stare at you if you did')"

I posted a quote from an article called "If Bernie was Bernadette" that stated if Clinton were a man, she'd win.
A guy on my blog then says "If Clinton were a man, she'd be out of here by now. She's only here because she's a woman" and then provides a few links on how awful she is and says Trump is a better choice. He would vote for Bernie, of course. But Trump is better than Clinton.
I believe I just got politics mansplained hard at me.

Picture of fat disney princesses. On Belle's, one dude goes "looks like the beast got reversed."

Fat Snow White. "She needs to lay off the apples." 

Fat Cinderella: "She'd break that glass slipper on the first step."

"Women feel like they need to dissociate themselves from their gender to be an interesting human being." A quote on saying "I'm not like most girls."

"The history of lesbian representation on television is rocky — in the beginning, we seemed exclusively relegated to roles that saw us getting killed/attacked or doing the killing/attacking. And until the last five or so years, lesbian and bisexual characters seemed entirely unable to date an actual woman or stay alive for more than three episodes, let alone an entire run, of a show. Gay and lesbian characters are so often murdered on television that we have our very own trope: Bury Your Gays. We comprise such a teeny-tiny fraction of characters on television to begin with that killing us off so haphazardly feels especially cruel."

"Flora, Deadwood (2004)
Cause of death: Beaten by a man who then forced a woman to shoot her with his gun"

Lucy Lawless dies as a bisexual or lesbian character A LOT.

Many of the women in the list of lesbians and bisexuals killed off in movies and tv shows are killed violently by men. And a good number commit suicide.

Tweet: Because when girls go to college they're buying pepper spray and rape whistles while boys are buying condoms.

I have systematically been trying to remove "Mothers" and "women" from my talks on pregnancy and periods. People get pregnant. People get periods. It's not hard. Let's stop excluding people from this conversation about pregnancy and periods. Women aren't the only ones with uteruses and vaginas.

"According to the police account of the murders, the two Argentine tourists had run out of money in Ecuador when they met a pair of men who offered them a place to stay. But before the next morning, police say, José María Coni, 22, and Marina Menegazzo, 21, were dead - allegedly murdered by the men they thought were doing them a favour. The bodies were stuffed into plastic bags. Two men have reportedly confessed to the crime.
It might have been a brutal, but sadly all too common crime story. But the story fuelled a larger discussion in the days after the killings, after some of the people commenting online questioned why the women were "travelling alone""

"Often, especially in older works (to the extent that they are found in older works, of course), gay characters just aren't allowed happy endings. Even if they do end up having some kind of relationship, at least one half of the couple, often the one who was more aggressive in pursuing a relationship, thus "perverting" the other one, has to die at the end. Of course, it can also happen to gay characters who aren't in relationships, particularly if they're Psycho Lesbians or Depraved Homosexuals." 

"ECTC removed mentions of OrcaCon from their feed because they viewed it as a "3-day political event that also had some gaming," and Chance stated that they/he viewed GeekGirlCon the same way. OrcaCon, fyi, is a new gaming con held in Everett, WA in January that has an inclusive focus; the theme for 2017, according to their website, isn't dragons or robots or superheroes, but rather "Race and Accessibility in Tabletop Games." OrcaCon wants everyone to be welcome to gaming, even those who historically might not have been -- especially those people, frankly. It is emphatically not a party con, or a fandom con. It is a gaming and panel con, where everyone plays a lot of games and talks about those games and talks about what games do and why they're cool (and sometimes why they aren't, and how to fix that). GeekGirlCon, also held in the greater Seattle metro, is about girls and geeky stuff and gaming. It's a female-friendly space, run largely by women for women (and those who identify as or are even just friendly to women and people in general)."

So guys. Making an inclusive and welcoming space as a mandate and theme for your gaming convention makes it "too political" and other gaming sites will hate you for it.

"Toronto police have released surveillance camera images of a suspect after a woman was attacked and robbed at a Roncesvalles Avenue bank branch earlier this week."

Dude: "what's your favourite flower?"
Chick: "I don't have one but I like daisies."
Dude: "Can I put that on your casket after I murder your pussy"

"“Token women are wheeled out constantly, but just because there is some female presence doesn’t mean we’ve got equality,” writes Alex Holder, executive creative director at Anomaly London, who recently teamed up with director Alyssa Boni of RSA Films to produce this year’s ELLE UK feminism campaign.
The most recent iteration of the annual campaign that began in 2013 is‪#‎MoreWomen‬, which intends to highlight the disparity between men and women in positions of power, both globally and in the UK. By manipulating familiar images of historical moments, often in politics but also in other realms popular culture, Boni erases the many men pictured, leaving only their lonesome—and often singular—female counterparts." 

A woman facing away. Text: "She's someone's sister/mother/daughter/wife" The sister/mother/daughter/wife is scratched out to just say "She's someone."

A post on how women are only valued if related to a man, via being a sister, wife, daughter, etc. A man posts: "nah she's probably a nobody "

"The image of the witch runs deep in feminist and female-centered art. Right now, a potent and fascinating shift is happening in the use of this witchy imagery in pop music.
It's a shift that was typified by Beyoncé's surprise release of the music video for her song "Formation" last month. There are heavy spiritual overtones to several of her personas in the video. In some scenes, she speaks like a visionary from beneath the brim of her black hat. In others, she moves with sinuous elegance atop a New Orleans police car that’s sitting in the middle of a flooded body of water. On her blog Red Clay Scholar, Dr. Regina Bradley describes these roles as Beyoncé embodying “conjuring women.” She asks whether the scene of Beyoncé on top of the police car could be intending to summon Mami Wata, the water deity who could be either a healer or lure travelers to their watery grave. “Conjuring blackness is physical, conceptual, and spiritual,” writes Dr. Bradley. “All three are necessary to make protest and resurrection possible.”"

"I'm here for the girls who unwillingly consented to sex or sexual acts because they were in a situation where they didn't feel as if they had a right to say no and now feel violated but don't feel like they can say they were raped or molested."

Tweet: " You can't be annoyed at feminism for being called feminism when the entire history of the human race is called mankind." 

"I can't believe I lost to a girl." "You let a girl beat you." "I can't lose to a girl!"

After a long discussion on the evils of white privilege, on which we both agree, my client refuses to accept that women have less privilege then men.

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