Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 74: Not just a pretty face

Tweet: "Fun game: refer to it clunkily as 'man-explaining' until a guy snaps and corrects you.

A man says that a book I'm reading, which talks about the stats on men lying more than women and with more devastating effect, is sexist. 

Having a great conversation on the impact of toxic masculinity with my partner.

A friend writes a review on the sexist undertones of Zootopia.

About consent: "Consent: when she said yes but mars was in retrograde so it didn't count." A dude writes.

Tweet: Men be like "men r more logical & clear headed than women but we can't help but harass y'all cause we're not logical or clear headed."

Tweet: "An ex once told me that if a service appears to be free of charge for you to use, it's because you're the product. Example: club ladies' nights."

On a pillow: "If a woman is upset, hold her and tell her how beautiful she is. If she starts to growl, retreat to a safe distance and throw chocolate at her."

A man on equal pay: "If more women applied for sewage technicians and trash collectors, I'm pretty sure they'd get paid the same as blokes. But no, it seems the only gripe about equal pay and employment is all about white collar cushy jobs. Go figure."

Mansplainer ruins woman's experience writing for convention. No one is surprised. 

Talking about my childhood experience with my partner, I mention how at dinner time my dad would just storm away if he was angry, and I was afraid of how I ate because I'd get yelled at for how it sounded.

That time men in RPG business wouldn't reply to me because of my gender? Yeah. That time. 

A man says to me "Oh, my god. You're a girl and you game? That's hot."

"You're not just a pretty face, huh?" No. I'm not. 

Father posed as teenage boy on instagram to lure his own daughter into sending nude photos.

The Taming of the Shrew

"He's gonna be such a heart breaker." "What a lady killer!" Sexualizing infants. Wee. 

27 big movies of 2016 you can't miss!
Mostly all guys. Zoolander has a girl whose boob is being grabbed. Batman vs Superman has wonder woman but, y'know, in less clothes than everyone else. And Zootopia doesn't show the girl bunny. Just the fox. Even though the girl bunny is the main character. X-men has Psylocke, in, you know, her original skin revealing outfit. Dory, I guess she's a girl. Tarazan is sniffing Jane's hair from behind her. Ghostbusters. Suicide squad has Harley Quinn. Inferno has a woman beside Tom Hanks whom isn't mentioned in the blurb. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them has a woman in the background. Moana is in her own cover, although beside a giant dude who takes up 3/4 of the screen space. Rogue Wars has an ensemble cast, but female appears to be the main central one. Passengers, the final movie, has Jennifer Lawrence and a dude in it.Less than half these movies have women in the posters. Only one of them has all women.

Joke about how Black Widow is the only one without armour.

Dude: "What does black widow actually bring to the team?"

Man answers the question of what Black Widow brings to the team: "Titties"

About Black Widow: "finally a post that show that black widow is like hawkeye!!!!
Actually hawkeye is more usefull than her"

Bad bitch.

March against Ghomeshi

Tweet: Boy: what that mouth do?
me: complain, eat, address social injustices and preach gender inequality.

Caption at the top: "That's not what girls mouths are for ;)"

“Caste Hindu women, who love or marry a Dalit are murdered by their family members. On the other hand Dalit women, who marry caste Hindu men, are ditched due to societal pressure. Almost 84 per cent of Dalit women, who are into inter-caste marriage face humiliation due to marital discord,” said Kathir.

"India's 'Abused Goddesses' campaign condemns crimes against women.
The images were commissioned by Save the Children India’sSave our Sisters campaign. Its work is focused on eliminating the trafficking of young girls and women in India. Save commissioned Taproot India to put the campaign together.
There were nearly 250,000 reported crimes against women in India last year. The Abused Goddesses campaign shows photographs of models as figures like Saraswati."

"A Jezebel analysis of campaign finance data has found that of the six active presidential campaigns, four have significant gender wage disparities. Most notably, Ted Cruz’s campaign on average pays male staffers $20,000 more than female staffers, and of the ten highest paid staffers on Bernie Sanders’ campaign, not a single one is a woman."

"At the end of January, Elizabeth May Davidson, a 26-year-old Iowa field organizer for Donald Trump, filed a discrimination complaint against the campaign for a workplace that was hostile to women: she alleged the campaign regularly paid men more than women for the same jobs, allowed men to take on a more significant role in producing rallies, and that the first time she met Trump, he made a comment about her appearance."

"South Sudan’s soldiers have been allowed to rape and enslave women in lieu of collecting their salaries, according to a new UN report." 

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