Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 64: Tighten This Up

Miss Congeniality's male colleague slaps her ass and says "tighten this up"

Also in Miss Congeniality, the main character calls a blonde woman barbie and says "go have fun at the mall" and other put downs, suggesting femme women are less than her. 

Miss Congeniality treats the main character as invisible at the beginning, other than her screwing up. She actually fetches coffee for the entire office, and then when she tries to get people's attention, they ignore her. Or when she does come up with an idea, her male counterpart is given the credit. It doesn't feel like this is deliberately trying to commentate on female law enforcement, more so that it's trying to make us laugh at what's going on and not in a satirical way. 

"A caste-based role, manual scavenging condemns mostly women to clean excreta from dry latrines with their hands and carry it on their heads to dumps. Men from the community clean open gutters and sewerage lines, often with no protective gear."

A Voice for Men says that approximately 43 - 50% of all rape allegations are false.

"Yet another lawmaker is now claiming rape doesn’t lead to pregnancy"

"This is the same complaint people make about every comic book mythology, which reboots itself every, oh, three months or so, and every video game, even though video game stories are generally afterthoughts at best. And yet the complaint about preserving the source material only shows up when we talk about adding women and minorities. I've pointed this out before. Here are more pictures of pandas."

"A complaint all female-lead movies get: Pandering. It seems that everything is pandering. The Oscars were pandering. So are the Marvel movies and Batman v. Superman and politicians and comic books and video games that feature women and I am falling the fuck asleep typing this. The word "pandering" gets puked up all over our pop culture so much that I don't even hear it as a word anymore. It just makes me think of pandas."

Indianapolis man won't go to jail for molesting his daughter who has cancer.

White background, black text: "172 women have now been killed in Australia since January 2014. 95% by men. Almost two women a week for two years."

Tweet: When you have to be nice to creepy guys not to get murdered.

"A company that owns several popular restaurant chains across the country has changed a new uniform policy that forced female servers at Bier Markt locations to wear revealing dresses to work after Go Public made inquiries."

"A new startup is reinventing smartphone design, turning phones from rectangles to circles. The circular smartphone, called Cyrcle, is aimed at women, whose smaller pockets often can't accommodate large phablets.
The brightly-coloured rounded flip-phone is an aberration in a market of mostly rectangular devices, and is supposed to have a more "sensual" form, resembling a women's compact mirror."

A woman talks about a man wanting into a female and nonbinary space on Bunz, wondering why men feel a need to invade these spaces.

A client tells me that male lawyers repeatedly ignore female lawyers and won't listen to them.

A client tells me how some cops she has to work with never respect her as a woman, and question her constantly about if she actually knows what she says she knows. 

On workplace harassment: "I really put my job and my reputation on the line because he had so much say over what happens to my career," Veronica said. "I was afraid of saying something because I knew he wanted me to stay quiet. No one seemed to care about that part."

""I couldn't believe it," Laura told me. "I went to HR for help keeping him away, but he actually just got angrier. I wish I hadn't involved them at all."
For some people who've been harassed in the workplace, the process only gets more complex from there. For instance, according to Michael, if the complainant opts to skip the mediation session, the next step is to file a formal complaint, which will be reviewed by the administration and remain in the complainant's HR file. In most workplaces, this is a required step to open an investigation to determine if the sexual harassment complaint holds water."

"They called me the complainant," Veronica said. "I know that's the formal word that they have to use, but when I told them, 'Hey, my supervisor grabs my boobs whenever we're alone and it scares me,' I thought they'd take it more seriously than just a complaint. They basically called me a complainer."

"Although workplaces with less than 15 employees are not required to have sexual harassment policies in place, the vast majority are required to provide training on prevention and intervention of sexual harassment. The process of actually filing a complaint of sexual harassment and seeking protection from an employer, however, remains flawed."

"Mae* came to my office in a rape crisis center seeking psychotherapy. She had experienced sexual harassment by her boss at the small college where she worked, and she needed help.
"I know sexual harassment isn't as bad as rape," she said, "but I feel so undone by it and I can't figure out why." Mae came to treatment with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — hyper-vigilance, flashbacks and nightmares."

""Slapping with tongs, snapping bras, relentless grabbing — women chefs learn quickly to crouch, never bend over, when picking up a pot," she wrote in an op-ed in the New York Times."

"Toronto pastry chef Kate Burnham grabbed headlines in 2015 when she spoke out about her alleged sexual harassment while working in the kitchen of a popular downtown restaurant, Weslodge.
Burnham's case nabbed the attention of Toronto-based restaurant owner Jen Agg, who took to Twitter to say sexism and sexual harassment are major issues in the industry."

"Allison believes wearing high heels for long, demanding shifts is one of the reasons she now has painful hip, foot and back problems. "I have one foot that has a bone that's permanently out of place," she says."

"I was often told that I needed to show more skin. I was 17 years old. No 17-year-old should be getting in trouble for not showing enough skin," one woman wrote about dress codes for restaurant work.

"Should you have to dress sexy to keep your job? Many women working at some of Canada's popular restaurant chains say they do."

Women Could Not Complain About Workplace Harassment until 1977

Married Women Could Not Use Contraceptives In Every State Until 1965

Women Could Not Box In The Olympics Until 2012 

Women Could Not Attend Most Ivy League Schools Until The '70s

Married Women Could Not Own Credit Cards Under Their Own Names Until 1974 

Women Could Not Have Abortions Throughout The United States Until 1973‪#‎yourdailysexism‬

Poster at College and Dovercourt in Toronto: "Hey ladies, You are not getting dates? Can't afford high condo fees on your own? You are 30 and still not married? How is feminism working for you? You want some answers? Go"

60 percent of women experience pain from wearing bras. 

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